What do you do after you resolve jet another boring and long lasting bureaucratic hurdle? You visit drugstore just around the corner and buy yourself something pretty of course. :D I won’t even go into details what did I buy, but I will say that quite a few of the bought nail polishes are gift for my friends. I think you’ll agree with me that it would be very cruel if I just bought them nail polishes and got nothing for myself.

Among my purchase was also beige nail polish. You heard me right, I bought nude polish. Saw it with corner of my eye, fell in love and rest was history. L’Oreal Oyster Bay looked like perfect nude shade for me, so I really had no reason to hesitate.

L'Oreal Oyster Bay lak za nohte - steklenička
L’Oreal Oyster Bay nail polish – bottle (855)

This is pretty neutral shade in color of white coffee … with lots of milk. Base itself leans more to cool side, while tiny gold shimmer pull more toward warm specter. Great balance of colors and pretty much what I was looking for. Application was not hard, but streaks are still seen so it was not perfect. I used classical technique: base coat, 2 coats of polish, top coat.

L'Oreal Oyster Bay lak za nohte (855)
L’Oreal Oyster Bay nail polish swatch (855)

Quantity: 5ml

Staying power is pretty individual thing, but I will say that this shade lasted 3 days without significant damage, then started to chip on more vulnerable nails and was not appropriate for public on day 5. So pretty average drugstore nail polish.

Problem is, I now want to have few of the other nail polishes from this collection. Is there any shade that I really have to have?


  1. Taki odtenki so meni zelo všeč vendar si ravno zaradi problematičnega nanašanja nobenega ne privoščim. Imam koralnega od Loreala – lepa barva samo mi nekako čudno reagira z Seche Vite nadlakom saj se mi lak spodaj skrči in se mi takoj nakaže ”tip wear”.

  2. Uh, sploh mi ne govori o tem crkljanju… pri meni se to nikoli ne konča dobro (saj grem samo malo pogeldat v Mullerja – mhm, pa gre 50 €). :)

    Drugače pa tale odtenek izgleda super, samo za moj okus je malo preveč ‘prozoren’ – to sta dva sloja nanešena?


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