MoYou London haul
MoYou London haul

A while ago I ordered 4 stamping plates and stamper+scraper from MoYou London. I love, love their plates! They’re very well made and I finally have images that are too big for my nails. I’ll take too big over too small anytime, anyplace. :D

MoYou London haul
MoYou London haul

I chose 3 image plates from Gothic collection (01, 03, 04) and one from PRO XL series (12). Of course they launched rest of the Gothic series after I placed my order, so I’ll have to (what a chore ) order again. I must admit it’s been a while since I saw this kind of precision, depth of patterns and imaginative designs.

Stamper is another story though. I totally suck at using it so I did a little research and I guess it’s normal that there is learning curve with this kind of squishy stampers. They pick up pattern really well, but you have to get a hand of it. Rolling seems to be best from narrower part of the image but simply pressing it seems to do the trick most of the times … technique depends on the image too. One thing I absolutely love, is the shape – rectangular ones are better for full size images.

Scraper is good – no metal, but plastic which doesn’t scratch the plate.

You can see my first impressions and trying out plates in video (prepare to laugh and do not expect precision):

This is one of the last attempts at managing stamper. Maybe there is still hope for me … we’ll see.

Essie Forever Yummy, MoYou PRO 12
Essie Forever Yummy, MoYou PRO 12

I ordered on 26th of September and received plates on 6th of October. I took advantage of their 15% off promotion and I didn’t pay for shipping. Not sure if I was just over the free shipping limit (my bill was 22 GBP) or it was part of promotion.

Anything else I should buy in MoYou store?


  1. Lepe ploščice si izbrala. Zadnje čase imam vedno raje štempljanje, tako da si želim preizkusiti nekaj njihovih ploščic. Tudi mene zanima, koliko te je stala poštnina in kako dolgo si čakala paket?

  2. Vse bi imela iz Gothic linije :wub: Edina moja ni prišla v tem lepem kartonastem ovoju, ampak v tem modro-belem (na tvoji sliki desno) :ermm:

  3. Prelepe si pločice odabrala. Verujem da ćeš se brzo navići na pečat (nemam iskustva sa takvim mekanim pečatima) i da ćeš nam ubrzo pokazati još lepih pečatiranih manikira.


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