Catrice VISIONairy manicure

Catrice VISIONairy LE has been out for a while now in Slovenia. I bought 2 nail polishes and they began their downtime on my “untried shelf”. I’m not sure when would have I tried them out, bur my daughter took them off the shelf, put them right in front of me and then looked me right in the eyes. Not sure what was she trying to tell me, but I took that as an order to start using more of the untried nail polishes. :D

Catrice VISIONairy lak za nohte

Catrice Mystic Moments looked appealing with almost silver base and mini pink glitter. Unfortunately frost finish is strong which means that brush strokes are visible. Application was not difficult, but this is still not one of my favorite nail polishes.

Catrice VISIONairy Mystic Moments lak

Catrice Greyhound to Nowhere on the other hand is matte, so I simply had to buy it. As I already had on Mystic Moments, I chose to stamp with this lovely gray matte nail polish instead. It went surprisingly well. I didn’t use top coat as I wanted to preserve matte finish, but that meant that image tarted to rub of.

Catrice VISIONairy Mystic Moments in nail art z Greyhound to Nowhere
Catrice VISIONairy Mystic Moments, Greyhound to Nowhere for stamping + XXL A plate

How do you like this mother-daughter collaboration?

11 thoughts on “Catrice VISIONairy manicure”

  1. O, lepo izgleda s designom čez. Me prav zanima kateri vsi Essence & Catrice lakci so dobri za štempljanje… (morda spišeš objavo o temu?)

  2. Hehe, tamala je pa faca. Ve se čigava je. :D
    Laka sta mi malo manj všeč, je pa zelo lušten izbran vzorček za štempljanje.

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