Colour Alike holographic nail polishes

I guess I really should enter more giveaways if that means I’ll win more prizes like dark holographic set from Colour Alike. :D I am extremely happy that I won prize from this company, as I had them on my WL literally for years. And I must say, they did not disappoint.
Colour Alike dark holographic nail polish

Colour Alike nail polishesColour Alike 500 is gorgeous deep muted brown-purple holographic nail polish. Easy to apply, holo is stronger in direct sunlight than shown in photo and of course pretty much invisible without strong light. 2 coats and you have full coverage.

Colour Alike 500 holo nail polishColour Alike 501 is my favorite of the bunch. Deep green with strong holo … of course I fell in love. I guess I could have used one thicker layer and achieved full coverage, but that never ends well for me. 2 medium layers are way more longer lasting on my nails.

Colour Alike 501 holo nail polishColour Alike 502 is one of those universally loved purple color that isn’t to warm or cool, but packs a lot of umpf. Just look at it – isn’t it gorgeous? And it stays that way when the light goes out … just minus holo part.

Colour Alike 502 holo nail polishColour Alike 503 had the misfortune to be last to be photographed and sun was almost gone so I had to run abound the apartment to get at least semi decent shot. And holo seem least prominent to me strong sunlight or weak.

Colour Alike 503 holo nail polish

Price is 4 EUR for a bottle and 6 EUR for shipping, which seem very reasonable for quality nail polishes.

I spent last half an hour browsing their store and I simply can’t decide which shades are must have. Any recommendations?

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  1. They are all must haves! I basically bought the whole shop haha :) But the one I reach for most is actually 501 that I use a lot for stamping, too. However my favourites are 495 and 496 :)


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