Ciate Antique Brooch

I am one really lucky lady to have friends who understand me and my obsessions. Just look at this pretty nail polish I got from Maestra. Ciate Anitque Brooch has depth, different glitter sizes and it sparkles like crazy.

Tiny glitter is the main actor in this show with its density and it looks like duochrome effect from green to pink. It is not so dense that you could skip the base though, so I used Essence Pure Soul for base and then upgraded it with Antique Brooch. Add to the mix rose glitter in different sizes and you are ready to stare at your nails and admire them all day long. :D

Thank you, Maestra – I LOVE IT!

Ciate Antique Brooch

Ciate Antique Brooch sun

Ciate Antique Brooch swatch

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  1. Uf, ja, so se kar namnožili temu podobni lakci; po vsej logiki mi ne bi smeli biti všeč (nude, bleščice, rozkasti.. no no), ampak je PREKRASEN! :D :wub:

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