Essence Love&Sound LE

I wasn’t anxiously waiting for Essence Love&Sound limited edition, but when I saw it in store I wanted to buy half of it. Nail polishes are sand finish, no glitter which means pure matte with rough surface. I bought blue because it is really unique blue (Blue-chella) that will go nicely with my blue nail polish collection and strange beige greenish shade (Feel The Vibe). Feel The Vide so light green that it barely green anymore, but one of those shades that we’ll split into love and hate camps … I love it.

Both are easy to apply, you need 2 coats for full coverage and dry really fast.

Eyeshadows are really pretty and look like they would be easy to blend. My favorite was Glastonberry with deep purple shade and sheen that could mean. Solid pigmentation, nice shades (light green and peachy shade) and worth checking out in my opinion. Lipsticks also had testers, just no nude lipstick available for purchase. :D They didn’t look matte matte to me, but I could be mistaken as I was in a hurry and didn’t really have time to check everything in detail.

Did you buy anything from Essence Love&Sound limited edition? What is your verdict?

Essence Love and Sound LE nail polish

Essence Love and Sound LE nail polish swatch

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