Summer essentials 2015

When 3 completely different beauty bloggers meet for coffee and start debating about summer essentials 2015, you always get really interesting discussion. In typical blogger fashion we decided to simply do summer favorites post and compare notes on our blogs.

AJDA will dazzle you with stunningly beautiful photos and when you’re not looking, reel you in with interesting text, so you end up spending way too much time on her blog, while NIKA masterfully wields the pen (erm, keyboard?) and in funny and direct way tells you exactly how she feels about the product. Pssst – you can see their selection at the very end of this post, but BEWARE, if you skip reading my whole post first, you’re looking at 7 years of bad luck. :D

Summer essentials was spur of the moment kind of post (everything that doesn’t give me 1 month ahead time is such in my book), so I took any opportunity I could for taking photos. First round was taken on playground while children smartly stayed in shadow or went home to nap and there I was taking photos little before noon at the hight of heath wave.

Gejba's summer essentials

Best SPF protection – SHISEIDO 50+

Shiseido Expert Sun Aging Protection Lotion Plus did a really good job last year, so it was my first selection for this year too. I love mineral protection as it is always there for me and this lotion actually protected my skin even when I felt I was drowning in sweat. I even use it for my little one if I don’t have her cream at hand. To my disappointment Shiseido reformulated their mineral SPF creams this year and put nano mineral filters in them. Those that hate white residue on skin will love new creams, but I don’t trust nano particles and will stay away from them.

Shiseido top SPF krema poletje 2015

Shiseido top SPF krema poletje 2015

Best hand care – Alessandro Veggie creams

I looked and looked for my cucumber (favourite scent) Alessandro Veggie cream but couldn’t find it so I used carrot-orange scented one for photo shooting. Of course I found it in the fridge next day but that is typical Murphy’s law at work. :D

If you have dehydrated nails and skin then you’ll probably adore this product as much as I do. Is smells nice (I know that is super important to most of you ), is very effective and affordable (5,50 EUR). I neglected my hand while on first vacation and forgot it at home for second one and am currently paying the piper – 2 broken nails and I’m without manicure.

Top izdelek za roke poletje 2015

Best lipstick – Catrice Ultimate stay

Now this was tough one. This summer YSL Volupte Shine, Catrice Pure Shine and Catrice Ultimate Stay were most used lipsticks from my collection. In the end I chose Ultimate Stay as winner as I did reach for lightest colours from this line the most. Why? They are creamy, with good coverage and moisturising. Add really nice and functional packaging (sturdy plastic with good cap) and you get something you usually find only in high end brands. I love this kind of formula in nude lipstick shades (I even bought one from upcoming fall colours) but reach for matte when I use darker colour (Catrice Ultimate Colour, name starts with MATT).

Top šminka poletje 2015

Best foot care product – Scholl Anti Hornhaut krema

My feet need lots and lots of time and loving care. In Slovenia Scholl rollers are trending this summer, but my feet really hate when I remove excess skin any other way than with acids. If I use mechanical method skin just seems to come back faster and in thicker layers This year I bough Scholl Hard Skin Softening Cream (Anti-Hornhaut creme). Little bit of acids, butters, Aloe Vera … why not. I must say I was impressed with results when I applied this cream twice a day. Unfortunately I lack time and discipline for regular application or I could tell you my issues are almost non existent with hard skin on my feet. Do beware of sun exposure if you are using this kind of products as acids and sun do no mix. I have smaller packaging but I think there is larger on available too.

Top izdelek za nego stopal 2015

Best nail polish – Avon Mineral Crush

Day 2. After I examined photographs from Day 1, I remembered why some basics are really good to follow: midday sun is to harsh, you have sweat in you eyes, sun glasses on, LCD really should be on maximum setting …. In short – let’s redo few of the photos on playground no. 2.

In summer time I reach for blue, green, yellow, orange shades. But I usually use nail polish once or twice and that is it. My favourite shades will have their own post (coming next week), so I featured one nail polish line that is quick to apply, dry and looks great as pedicure – Avon Mineral Crush range.

Top lak za nohte Avon Mineral Crush poletje 2015

Best eye primer/product – Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I had 3 favourites in eye make up category: Gosh Mineral waterproof sticks, Kiko Long Lasting eyeshadow and Too Faced primer. Both eyeshadow sticks last really long time even in this crazy hot summer heat, but I still have to use my beloved Too Faced Shadow Insurance underneath. As I was pretty disappointed with NARS eyeshadow primer I recently purchased, Shadow Insurance won. For the last 7 years this is my to go to eyeshadow base and I think it earned to be named THE BEST.

Too Faced najljubši primer makeup

Best face make up product – Kiko Full Coverage Concealer

My friends are great and used to my blogging quirks, so they weren’t that surprised when I pulled out my favourites to photograph remaining products in the middle of picnic. My daughter helped with positioning, so we’re sharing credits this time.

This year none of my foundations worked on my oily skin, in hot weather + gallons of sweat, so I resorted to camouflage creams/concealers. For the life of me I can’t find missing Catrice camouflage, so I’ve been using Kiko Full Coverage concealer. I dab it on problem (reddens around nose, impurities …) and even under eye areas if I need to and it usually does pretty good job for at least 5 hours. I do set it but that usually goes away in matter of minutes.

Top korekrot poletje 2015 Kiko Full Coverage concealer

Best mosquito repellent – Chicco

This year we’re fighting war against mosquitoes with Chicco products. We have their battery ultrasound repellent beside opened window, electric one is plugged in socket all day long and as I have very sensitive skin, I use Chicco Anti-Mosquito spray. Children products are never strong enough, so I concocted home repellent to use on my clothes as I would just get irritation if I applied that much of essential oil directly onto the skin (70% alcohol+cinnamon bark essential oil + clove). I still get few bites here and there, but I think my donation to the mosquito nation was by far the lowest one so far.

Najboljši sprej za zaščito proti tigrastim komarjem poletje 2015

Top kozmetični izdelki poletje 2015

You won’t believe it, but you made it to the end of this way to long of a post. For the very last chapter, care to share which product was THE best for you this summer and of course, now you are allowed to check out Ajda’s (click) and Nika’s (here) summer essentials for 2015.

AJDAS Summer Essentials

Nika's summer essentials

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10 thoughts on “Summer essentials 2015”

  1. I wished we could get the Alessandro cream over here. 5,50€ is a very good price and I bet it smells amazing!

  2. Jaz pa sem si letos privoščila kremo za obraz od bioderme (photoderm max 50+), ker me je do zdaj še vedno ožgalo vsaj v nos in v lička, tako da bom čez en teden preverila, kako deluje. V vročih dnevih se mi res ne da packati obraza, zato ne uporabljam pudra ali česar koli, uporabljam pa watery mousse senčko od Deborah, ki je vodoodporna in pa bourjois waterproof eyelinerje, mislim, da imam že tri različne barve in me še nikoli niso pustili na cedilu, da bi se “smudge-ali” ali karkoli. :)

    • Veš, da sem si včeraj predstavljala kakšen pogled bi to bil, če bi me tri prinesle na kup vso našo kozmetiko. Ravno kakšna dvorana v hotelu bi bila zadosti. :biggrin:

  3. Super objava :). Tudi jaz zaradi kože ki se predvsem v poletnih mesecih zelo masti uporabljam na obrazu samo korektor (od Artdeca s čajevcem) ter puder v prahu za matiranje (shiseido pureness compact powder) + vedno imam v bližini matirne lističe od catrice. Za oči se mi super obnese KIKO longlasting stickeyeshadow stick ki ga uporabljam kot črtalo(imam skoraj vse rjave odtenke. Podlaga za veke mi pa zaenkrat ustreza Milani.
    Pa v torbici poleti skoraj vedno prenašam vodo v spreju za osvežitev ter toaletno vodo v travalo steklenički(trenutno od Victoria secret coconat passion ki ga že 2 leti noče zmanjkati :) ). Sončna krema pa letos LRP 50+ za sončenje drugače pa od Paulas choice balancing (30+).

      • Uuu – potem je ta Shiseido kompaktni dober? Ga imam že nekaj časa na WL, ampak nikakor ne pride na vrsto.
        Milani praviš? Si pridno zapisujem.

        HVALA za krasen seznam. :ahug:

        • Shiseido zaenkrat vodi v moji zbirki. Prej sem uporabljala Isadora velvet, ali od Catrice prime and fine (rimmel mi ni ustrezal) vendar se pri matiranju Shiseido najboljše obnese samo nanašati ga je potrebno s priloženo gobico ne s čopičem. Kupila pa sem ga ko je bila akcija na Salmi. Milani Eye Primer se pri meni zelo dobro obnese, tubica traja kar nekaj časa pa tudi cenovno je sprejemljiv. NIsem pa nikoli preizkusila tega ki ga ti uporabljaš tako da ti primerjavo med tema dvema ne morem dati.


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