Best summer nail polish colours 2015

Over the past month I was slowly picking my favourite and most loved nail polishes this summer. I was aiming for top 5 polishes, but in the end I made top 6 list. :D

At first I wanted to include Alessandro Love Secret into my favourite summer nail polishes, but then I received Alessandro Fantasy Island from Tropical Jungle LE and I changed my mind. Fantasy Island won with its lighter and more warm toned shade. Now in fall favourites … This nail polish is not full coverage in 2 coats which for some reason makes pink more wearable in my eyes. No idea why, but I’m noticing that goes for majority of pink shades I loved lately.

Avon Flaming Orange was love at first sight. I opened Avon package and thought that this is it – perfect orange for summer. I don’t like too light orange nail polishes and lovely fine glitter just puts icing on the cake (wait, I hate icing so scratch that – cherry on the top?). Formula looks at first that it will be quite sheer, but 2 coats are full coverage so …

Pale yellow rocked this season with all the black and white trend going on in fashion. But then again, I think yellow is such a lovely and bright colour it simply screams SUMMER. Enter Essence Love is in the air (it gets bonus points for music from dance movie ) with great formula, perfect shade and very reasonable price = you have a winner.

Green and blue are my weakness all year long. I just can’t live without those two shades and turquoise is even more desirable in my eyes. Those 3 look so fun and playful on my nails but work as classy manicure too.

Catrice (S)wimbledon is between blue and green but more to the green side. I have very short description for you – drop dead gorgeous + no issues with formula/application.

Now Essie Garden Variety goes into deeper and more blue hues. Long staying power, deep colour and I’m hooked. Probably one on my top Essie nail polishes this year.

I just wrote about Revlon Gel Envy line but I simply have to include Revlon Wild Card into summer favourites too as I adore this shade and could wear it all the time.

If you had to pick only ONE nail polish – which would be your summer favourite?

Top summer nail polishes 2015

Alessandro Fantasy Island (strong pink) nail polish
Alessandro Fantasy Island (strong pink)
Avon Flaming Orange nail polish (Glow)
Avon Glow Flaming Orange nail polish
Essence Love is in the air (yellow) nail polish
Essence Love is in the air (yellow)
Catrice (S)wimbledon (turquoise) nail polish
Catrice (S)wimbledon (turquoise)
Essie Garden Variety nail polish swatch
Essie Garden Variety nail polish swatch
Revlon 440 Wild Card nail polish
Revlon 440 Wild Card nail polish

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  1. Tale rumenko je pa res vidt hit poletja. :) Itak, da tud meni dela družbo (halo, samo poglej ga :silly: ). Hmm, pa oranžen je tudi presenetljivo lep. (dve barvi, ki znata biti kar težavni)

    • Prečudovit. Mene je čisto očaral. :love:
      Aww – hvala. :ahug: Trenutno sta dva zlomljena, tako da nisem ravno navdušena nad njimi. :silly:


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