This was one really weird August. After few months of strange black dots messing up my eyesight, I finally made it to ophthalmologist. Diagnosis: retina ruptures and emergency laser sealing. I think I’m still in shock over that one – how in the world did I ended up with something that usually impacts much older people (second youngest had to be well over 70. in waiting room) or those with much higher eyeglass prescription than mine? But they tell me I’m just one of those lucky few. Gee – thanks. :P I’m not allowed to lift up my baby girl any more, to dance … and that is providing everything goes well and I keep my eyesight intact. So far, prognosis is good, but I’m still waiting for the final verdict.

Eye drops

I ended up being on sick leave for the whole month and generally being really cranky half of the time. So, not really in the mood to blog even if my eyesight allowed it. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t buy few goodies, received some for review and got and early birthday presents. :D

Catrice fall-winter products are already available in Slovenia, so I immediately picked up the most interesting items. I’m trying them out now and will have short reviews coming up soon.

Catrice Essence new fall 2015
Catrice, Essence new fall 2015

Bourjois Slovenia made my day with 2 of their new lipglosses. I’m not huge lipgloss fan, but I somehow always manage to own at least few of theirs. And Sweet Kiss is by far my favourite line from their gloss range so far.

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Gloss
Bourjois Sweet Kiss Gloss

Mom and dad gave me something I had on WL for ages now as an early birthday present – Philips Lumea. Let’s hope it is at least a little bit helpful in battling unwanted fur. Thx to Tara’s info about the sale, it cost way less that its normal price.

Philips Lumea
Philips Lumea

My darling wanted to cheer me up with new Gabor shoes, but our little one confiscated them immediately and told me that she likes them better. To make matter worse, she actually can walk in them. Erm, size 44 (US 10) vs. 23 and look what full heal does. :D

Gabor shoes
Gabor shoes

My new bag from George, Gina and Lucy arrived just before my health went south. First impression – I want few more. :D

GGL April Showers bag
GGL April Showers bag

And did I even show you the smallest ever Germany haul from previous month? 40°C is way to high of a temperature for shoping.

Germany haul 2015

Final highlight – Etiketa Magazin chose me as beauty blogger of August 2015. Thank you, you really made my month.


  1. O ne, Gejba, zdajle šele berem o tvojih težavah z očmi. Resnično upam, da so že odpravljene in da je zdaj vse v najlepšem redu!

    Pa lepo prosim za oceno IPL aparata, ko ga preizkusiš na dolgi rok, v kaj takšnega bi z veseljem investirala, če bo deloval.

    Drži se! :ahug:

    • Niso še čisto OK, je pa veliko boljše. :ahug:
      Jaz računam, da ga bom oktobra začela uporabljati. Do decembra bi se že moralo videti ali deluje ali pa je bil zgrešena investicija. :nervous:

  2. Upam da bodo težave z očmi čim prej rešene. Imaš pa sedaj zelo dober razlog da si privoščiš ene zelo dobra in lepa sončna očala.

    Zelo me zanima ocena Burjois glosov ter Intant Anti age… korektorja.


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