Today is our day!

There are not many “special” days that I really care about, but International Woman’s Day is definitively one of them.

I greatly appreciate everything previous generations of women did for our rights and higher quality of living. My deepest wish if for our generation to widen the circle of women all over the world who can enjoy the same benefits. You know, those little things we take for granted: marry whomever we want, decide when and if we will have children, have safe childhood and free education for all.

In 2016 I would love to see more women follow their dreams, help other women reach their goals if the can and simply be there for each other.
There is much more to gain when we stick together!

Avon Agate (Magic Crush) swatch
Avon Agate (Magic Crush) – Woman’s Day 2016 manicure

International Woman's Day 2016

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