Avon Gel finish nail polishes (new 2016)

Just as I was getting out of cream nail polish season, Avon surprised me with their new Gel finish polishes loaded with shimmer. At least it looked as shimmer at first glance. Once I started removing manicure, I realised it was glitter. :D

In the end I loved 5 nail polishes out of 6. Formula is similar in all 6, but some were easier to apply than other.

Avon Berry Shimmer is a beauty that immediately won me over. Pretty berry shade with cool toned glitter and if push comes to show – I can use 1 coat for full coverage.

Pink Shimmer is another shade with great coverage. Good pigmentation and easy application trumped pink colour, so I wore it with joy. :D Again – cool toned shimmer/glitter. Primarily in silver tones.

Avon Gel Finish laki za nohte - bleščiceCoral Shimmer is another proof that Avon has a way with coral shades. This year, they leaned more to the orange side, but is still very wearable mix of orang and pink. Silver glitter gives this polish depth and spark to make it even lovelier. Perfect spring-summer shade.

Sheer Shimmer was harder to apply than first 3 nail polishes. Less brush strokes = prettier manicure. I struggled with first application, hence not so pretty swatch. Second time around I managed to find balance with how much should be loaded on brush and it made my job a lot easier. Pale pink shade is also loaded with silver glitter.

Lavender Shimmer is another of more problematic shades. Easier than Sheer shimmer, but not as nice as other nail polishes in this collection. Colour is perfect for all of you cool toned purple lovers.

Nude Shimmer is ugly duckling among the crew, but with good formula. I seriously do not feel this colour, but know some of you will adore it. :D

Which of the AVON nail polishes is your all time favourite?

Avon Gel Finish shimmer laki

Avon Sheer Shimmer lak za nohte (pomlad 2016)
Avon Sheer Shimmer polish (spring-summer 2016) 3 coats
Avon Coral Shimmer lak za nohte (pomlad 2016)
Avon Coral Shimmer nail polish (spring-summer 2016)
Avon Pink Shimmer lak za nohte (pomlad 2016)
Avon Pink Shimmer varnish
Avon Lavender Shimmer lak za nohte (pomlad 2016)
Avon Lavender Shimmer polish
Avon Berry Shimmer lak za nohte (pomlad 2016)
Avon Berry Shimmer nail polish (top INM topcoat, bottom 2 to old Poshe topcoat)
Avon Nude Shimmer lak za nohte (pomlad 2016)
Avon Nude Shimmer polish (spring-summer 2016)

Avon Coral Shimmer lak za nohte (pomlad 2016)Avon Pink Shimmer swatchAvon Sheer Shimmer swatch*we received nail polishes for testing purposes

6 thoughts on “Avon Gel finish nail polishes (new 2016)”

  1. Nude Shimmer je res tak odtenek, ki marsi komu ne bo všeč, ampak meni je :). Ravno zato, ker je drugačen in ker imam na sploh rada take z zelenimi podtoni. Meni so ti zelo všeč ravno zaradi tega šimra, ki vseeno ni tako težko odstranit kot prave glitter lake. Izgledajo pa čudovito na nohtih :)

    • Ti si taka kot naša Maestra. :D Večje glittre je res še težje odstraniti, zato so mi tile mikro tako všeč – efekt bleščic je, odstranjevanje sprejemljivo. :D


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