itStyle cosmetics now in Slovenia

Brand new cosmetics brand came to Maxi/Ljubljana? You bet I made time to squeeze beauty blogger event into the hectic Christmas week. itStyle came in style to Slovenia. No mere stand for them. Oh, no, no – there is whole WALL + stand to house all of their goodies. It is safe to say my jaw was wide open when I first spotted all those colorful products. :O

It is way to soon to talk about quality, but selection is really good. Black and gray lipsticks are now available to us, same with liquid dark blue lipstick and nail polish colors in any shade you want. I even spotted holographic pigment. :D

One product impressed present bloggers the most – Smokey neutral eyeshadow palette. It is still not on the stand, but boy does that baby look good. And the price is really affordable at 12 EUR for 16 shades I think. You can buy it, but have to get seller to fetch it out from the drawer.

Makeup brushes have jet to arrive, but selection will be interesting and prices up to 20 EUR for bigger brushes.

After first glance, Italian brand itStyle is breath of fresh air with large assortment, but I will be able to tell you more, after I try out their products. Guess what will I be testing first? :D


  • foundations: 10-14 EUR
  • liquid and bullet lipsticks: 10 EUR
  • primer for eyes or lips: 10 EUR
  • primer face: 15 EUR
  • single eyeshadows: 4,5 EUR
  • “gel” nail polish: 5 EUR
  • nail polish: 4 EUR
ItStyle kozmetika - Maxi
itStyle cosmetics – Maxi (Ljubljana)
ItStyle kozmetika - senčila
itStyle cosmetics – eyeshadows
ItStyle kozmetika - maskare
itStyle cosmetics – mascaras
ItStyle kozmetika - tretmaji, odstranjevalci, nega nohtov
itStylecosmetics – nail care
ItStyle kozmetika - laki za nohte
itStyle cosmetics – huge nail polish selection
ItStyle kozmetika - glosi
itStyle cosmetics – glosses
ItStyle kozmetika - šminke
itStyle cosmetics – lipsticks
ItStyle kozmetika - mat šminke
itStyle cosmetics – matte lipsticks
ItStyle kozmetika - tekoči puder
itStyle cosmetics – foundations
ItStyle kozmetika - nega
itStyle cosmetics – skin care
ItStyle kozmetika - paleta senčil
itStyle cosmetics – Smokey palette
ItStyle kozmetika - parfum+bleščice
itStyle perfume+glitter
ItStyle kozmetika - darilo
itStyle – gift ideas

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    • Še nisem. Paleto sem kupila moji obdarovanki pri Skritih Božičkah. Ma da poroča ali je res tako super kot izgleda, potem pa si jo še jaz omislim. :D

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