Dyeing my hair blue

The last visit at my hairdresser was three months ago. The blue and pink dye is now almost completely gone. To be honest I wasn’t very happy with the color to begin with. This time around the dye was uneven and it washed out super quickly. After just two washes it was almost completely gone. I don’t know why, because that nevere happened before. Maybe because of my post partum crazy hormones. Who knows. Since I desperately wanted my blue hair back, but I just didn’t find enough time pay my hair dresser a visit, I thought I would try and dye my hair at home. If you are curious if I was successful continue reading.

Elle magazine Maestra blue hair

Here is the process I followed

I chose the hair dye Crazy Color in Capri Blue. I read the instructions carefully. They are pretty easy to follow.

  1. Wash your hair as usual.
  2. Towel dry your hair.
  3. Apply color evenly using gloves.
  4. Wash after 15-30 minutes thoroughly until water runs clear.
  • Don’t mix with peroxide.
  • For optimal results apply on pre-lightened hair.

Here we go. I washed my hair as per usual. I applied Olaplex No. 3 prior to washing. After my hair was washed I towel dried it. Since I wanted to dye only two large (bleached) hair strands, I carefully sectioned my hair and tied back the hair I didn’t want to come in touch with dye.

I protected my skin with a towel and protected my hands with gloves as the dye stains the skin badly. Then the fun part began. The application of color. My hair “drank” a lot of color. I applied generous amount to the hair. So the hair was completely covered. No bald spots. No patches. Pure color.

Next on the agenda … the nervous part. Waiting. I left the color on for 35 minutes. Then washed my hair with cool water. And voila … done!

Final thoughts

The instructions are easy to follow. No false hopes. Capri Blue shade straight from the bottle is blue with a hint of purple. On my hair it turned more greenish blue. My husband described it as peacock shade. I don’t mind. I actually like the color. I think I know what happened and why my color took the green turn. :D My hair naturally has a lot of yellow undertones to begin with. Although my hair was bleached months and months ago, I forgot to put silver or purple shampoo to neutralize the yellow undertones prior to dyeing. That means I applied blue color on hair with strong yellow “tint”. If you mix blue and yellow … well, you get green, right? ;) Lesson learned. Next time purple shampoo first and hair dye second. I’ll probably try purple color next time. And I am thinking of buying black as well, so I can mix and get darker colors.

All in all I am very happy with the end result! I got a lot of compliments. After two washes the color is still very noticeable and hardly any fading so far.

Crazy Color - Capri Blue Hair Dye
How To Dye Hair Blue
Careful: It stains the skin!
Crazy Color - Capri Blue Hair Dye
Wet hair without color Vs with color
Crazy Color - Capri Blue Hair Dye
Wet hair before dyeing, freshly colored and washed hair, dry hair
Crazy Color - Capri Blue Hair Dye
Bed hair … Rocking no make up look with blue hair.
Crazy Color - Capri Blue Hair Dye
Freshly colored and styled (with flat iron) hair
Crazy Color - Capri Blue Hair Dye
close up

Crazy Color - Capri Blue Hair Dye

Finally looking presentable … 

Crazy Color - Capri Blue Hair Dye
Rocking blue hair and make up!

Crazy Color - Capri Blue Hair Dye

3 thoughts on “Dyeing my hair blue”

  1. Opaaa, še ena, ki obožuje drzne barve na laseh! Zelo ti pristaja. Jaz vedno uporabim Stargazer preliv, ki se obdrži nekje do 3 tedne, odvisno od tega kako pogosto lase umivaš ter ali jih pred barvanjem pobeliš in seveda od samega odtenka barve.

    Sem ena tistih, ki se svoje naravne barve precej hitro naveličajo, zato vedno izberem kakšen nor preliv – mami seveda nikoli ni všeč *smeh*

    Super objava


  2. Recently I’ve been thinking of going blue, too. I am undecided if I should try a washout colouring first, before giving it a “real” try. I have dark hair so I would really damage them to take off my colour and then colour them blue, if you know what I mean. So before doing the big step I’ll probably check out one of those Carnival sprays. I think L’Oreal has a Colorista wash-out line, too. Still pondering!


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