Ready for New Year’s Eve

Although I’m spending New Year’s Eve at home with my darling and “my” cat, I’ll dress up nicely and I’ll put some make up on. My make up will probably look something like this …

EOTD: Fyrinnae: Lucky Charmed, Everyday Minerals: Sweet Woodruff, I'm keeping your CDs, Make Up Factory: gold eyeliner


  • Fyrinnae – Lucky Charmed
  • Everyday Minerals – Sweet Woodruff and I’m Keeping Your CDs
  • Illamasqua – Precision Ink Abyss
  • Make Up Factory – gold eyeliner
  • highlighter – I don’t remember which one


  • holographic glitter from a craft store applied over a wet top coat

I’ve created this look a week ago (or so). It’s sparkly, but not over the top (I think).

Where are you going to spend the New Year’s Eve? What is your make up and manicure going to be?

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  1. Black eyeliner, big eyelashes and red lipstain so I can eat and drink ;-)

  2. Fantastičen MU. :drop:
    Meni izgleda ravno prav “močan”. :yes:

  3. Gorgeousssss! If I had such a perfect gold I’d be wearing it too :)

  4. OMG :w00t: Kakšno prelepo kožo imaš. :stars: Prelepo! :wink:

  5. ohhh the make up loooks amazing!! ♥

  6. o krasno!
    Tudi jaz sem razmišljala o zlati na očeh…verjetno jo bom kombinirala s črno ali temno modro in naredila kak odštekan Mujo :)
    na nohte gre pa China Glaze Ginger :)

    Maestra, a mačko imata?

    • Zlata je takšna klasika za takšne reči, da itak ne moreš zgrešiti. Ne dvomim, da boš ustvarila krasen in odštekan MUjo. ;)
      Imava mucko na počitnicah, da ni zdaj sama, ko je toliko petard in vsega. Jaz sem v sedmih nebesih, ker to je “moja lubica”. :wub:

      • Jeej, potem boste silvestrovali v troje :) boge so živalice v tem času, ja…čeprav moj Pluto laufa ven in laja, ko sliši petardo :))

        Maestra, srečnga pa zdravga, ane! Najina kavica bo očitno padla šele leta 2011 :) Albinca pa itak čaka nate :)

  7. Ooh, gorgeous! I do so love gold. It’s definitely not over the top, I think because it’s not a super bright gold, and you kept your eyeliner thin. Love your nails, by the way…

  8. Ova zlatna ti ide fenomenalno uz oci :love:
    ja bi jos malo vise tamnijeg dodala u pregib ali u svakom slucaju ti zelim dobru zabavu na “doceku”, ja cu isto tako :biggrin:

  9. I love that look! You are so talented!!! I can’t even reach half of that make up ’cause I suck at make up (but I love to try though :crown: ). I wish I could do something like that at least for my sister… anyways I’m spending my year passage at home with my family, boyfriend and some neighbours. But a manicure will be sure! :nails:
    P.S.: Your eyes are simetric! And beautiful! I’m speechless!!!!! :zip:

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