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LCN Crackle finish nail polishes

LCN crackle nail polishes

I already showed you LCN Magnetic nail polishes I picked up in Slovenian LCN store. Today I have for you swatches of 3 out of 5 LCN crackle polishes I bought at the same time. I hope these are still sold. I already tried out all of them, but made swatches only for 3 shades. I liked all 5 crackle ...

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Golden Rose Paris nail polish no. 82

Golden Rose Paris nail polish no. 82 bottle

I must admit I got a headache when I started couting unpublished photos I had in my archives folder and quickly passed number 30. I’m not even sure if some of them are still interesting, but I’ll try to publish as much of those swatches as possible. So don’t be surprised to see my nail length, shape … vary in ...

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Preview: Catrice Coolibri LE

Catrice Coolibri LE nail polishes preview

I can’t remember when was the last time I was so exited over new Catrice limited edition as I’m over Coolibri LE. Everything looks really tempting and majority of the collection ended up on my wish list. Fantastic and full of color – it beats its small, powerful wings enthusiastically and hovers above the blossoms of gorgeous exotic flowers: the ...

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Catrice Goldfinger swatch + konadicure

Catrice Goldfinger bottle

Catrice Goldfinger is one of those goldish champaign like nail polish shades. Finish is pretty much metallic with added larger shimmer for additional sparkle. Mine came with older brush, but I can’t say that application was overly difficult … brush strokes are present though. 2 coats + top coat. Catrice Goldfinger seemed like potentially great nail polish for stamping, so ...

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Shiseido: Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio GD 804


How many eyeshadows do you own? There is never enough of eyeshadows … especially good ones, right? After Parokeets ladies lost our head over Inlgot in Zagreb, I started curbing my eyeshadow sprees. Today I have for you Shiseido eyeshadow trio: Shiseido GD 804 The left color is darker olive green, middle one light gold yellow and can be used ...

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Essence Nude Glam nail polish swatches

Essence Nude Glam nail polishes - bottles

Nude nail polishes are not my favorite color group so I usually completely overlook them. Which means that I don’t have anything appropriate to use when manicure calls for this kind of color. During their spring assortment change, Essence came out with the whole line of nude nail polishes. They called it Nude Glam. I have for you swatches of ...

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Preview: spring goodies from Alessandro, Jessica …

Parokeet news April 2012 - Alessandro Watch Me

A lot of interesting and pretty products is either already out or coming soon to our stores. Let’s take a look at four groups that cough my eye. Alessandro’s newest limited edition Watch Me will be showcasing Earth colours which take you back to nature, with a hint of the mysterious Orient and the mystic spirit of the bazaars of ...

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