Project foundation: Essence Make-Up To Match

Essence Make-Up To Match is one of the new foundations from their spring assortment change. It comes in 3 shades. I bought the lightest one – Light no. 01.

Manufacturers description

Light, long-lasting make-up for every complexion. Innovative texture with micro-encapsulated pigments give instant coverage for a glowing, even finish. For all skin types. Perfume and oil free.

Essence Make Up To Match: packaging, ingredients

Essence Make Up To Match: packaging, ingredients


Satin when applied directly onto my skin.


If I didn’t know better, I would say there is no coverage. :silly: But as the difference is seen, I would put Make Up To Match in tinted moisturizer category.


Feels like very emollient face cream. Smell reminds me of some kind colors smell from art supply store. It’s not strong and not perfumed so I’m OK with it. This is not really liquidy formula, but more dense one with similar consistency as many hand creams have.


This product glides on like face cream and primer offspring. :silly: No brush needed, better jet – hands preferred so the heat can break tiny pigment capsules. I use small amount to cover my face and neck. You don’t really need much as it spreads easily. It does not cause my flakiness to come fort and looks like it moisturizes the dry areas slightly. Does not enhance pores.


Flat tube with small hole for dosing. I had no problems with getting just the right amount of product onto my hand and I predict I’ll be able to use most of the product inside. 27ml (0.91fl.oz) of product with 12month shelf life … after opening the product.


4,39 EUR


It oxidizes slightly, but as I use small amount you can’t see it on my face … not even with magnifying glass. :biggrin: I don’t really massage it into my face … just in case those capsules decided that now is the time to make me tanned. :silly:

Essence Make Up To Match Comparison: Light no.10

Essence Make Up To Match: Light no.10 swatch (shade)

I compared my Light (10) with Maestra’s Light-Medium (no.20). As you can see 20 is darker and more brownish (with slight orange undertone on my skintone). I applied both shades with brush so the color is as realistic as possible (no rubbing) and so you can see the tiny capsules.

Essence Make Up To Match Comparison: Light (no.10) vs. Light-Medium (no.2)

Essence Make Up To Match Comparison: Light (no.10) vs. Light-Medium (no.2) swatch (lightbox)


I must say that I hate describing this product almost as much as I love using it. :biggrin: It looks like you didn’t put any color on your face but the difference is still pretty noticeable in “your skin but better” way. It slight cancels out my redness, blurs out pores and makes skin looking fresh without adding any shine. See why I hate describing it? :silly: Stying power is OK when I fix it with powder or not in cooler month. In summer time I apply fixing powder with one of those round sponges you get in most pressed powders (in the last few weeks that was my to go to “foundation”).
But I mostly use Essence Make Up To Match as primer for other foundations and for sheering out full coverage matte ones.

Would I recommend it? I’m just about to buy new tube, so I must like it. :angel: I think Essence has testers, so you can try it out and see it it works for you. But if you don’t like silicone feel like products, do test it out for some time as this is one of those “gliding” products.

Have you already tried out Essence Make-Up To Match?

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  1. Jaz sem si ga zadnjič kupila, saj mi je ravno zmanjkalo pudra in sem bila v iskanju nečesa bolj lahkega za poletje.
    Vendar nisem navdušena, saj ko si ga nanesem na obraz me cel obraz zelo peče :(
    Škoda, saj mi je drugače zelo všeč pa še cena je super.

  2. opis tega izdelka sm dolgo iskala,tako da hvala ;) parokeetke ste zakon :wub: me pa zanima,sicer v to dvomim,ali ima spf? :)

  3. Mmh. So it’s like a BB Cream for the finish?

  4. Ravno zadnjič sem tazmišljala, kje je zdaj ta foundation project. :silly: Sem mislila, da bo tale skritiziran, ampak se je izkazalo, da si ga predstavila kot TOČNO TO kar iščem. :happy: Trenutno sicer uporabljam Catrice Photo Ready ampak ga res, res ne maram, tako da letim po tegale čimprej možno. :party: Nuša’s last post …Turquoise Fever continues!My Profile

  5. Sad kad sam pročitala tvoju recenziju mi se ne čini nešto posebno s obzirom na to da je prekrivanje loše.
    Baš me zanima što te to toliko i dalje vuče k obom puderu :)
    Art on my way’s last post …Novi organizator kistovaMy Profile

    • Glavna prednost nije u dobrom prekrivanju, nego u funkciji primera i kombinaciji sa drugim podlogama. :yes:
      U danima kad imam lijepu kožu i trebamo samo nešto, da malo smanji crvenilo i “zabriše” pore, dosta puta upotrijebim samu podlogu … + ljeti je kod mene obavezno potrebno dobro fiksiranje. Tada ni ne želim dobro prekrivanja, jedino na što ciljam je, da se vidi moja koža ali malo ljepša. Sličan efekt kao i sa ruževima, koji samo malo uljepšaju usne a praktički ga ne vidiš.
      A review podloga za dane kad je koža katastrofa, stižu uskoro. :biggrin: Gejba’s last post …Bourjois 1 Seconde Gel nail polish swatchesBourjois 1 Seconde Gel nail polish swatchesMy Profile

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