Essie – Cuddle With Color – fall 2009

Essie - Mink Muffs + Matte About You

I know, I’m a bit late to the party but anyway… here it is, Essie’s Cuddle With Color collection for fall 2009. Today I have 5 colors to show to you. I’m missing the dark blue one called Midnight Cami. Gejba will show it to you later. Chinchilly is a beautiful creme light grey. I love it! There is one ...

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China Glaze – Blue Sparrow and Flying Dragon

"Sponge" gradientna manikura

anchek reminded me of a bright and neon glittery blue shade named Blue Sparrow from China Glaze. It’s a wonderful neon blue shade with lots of silver square shaped glitter. It’s not too bright, just right. The pictures aren’t totally spot on. The polish isn’t as glowing bright as shown in the pictures. My camera just couldn’t capture it better. ...

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Essence – Made With Love polishes

Essence Made With Love

Made With Love TE is already available in our drugstores. Nothing looked good to me … besides polishes of course. Blush is almost invisible; eyeliners come in boring colors: black, brown and pink; liquid eyeliners (gold, black and pink) would be perfect if Essence sold them with sponge and called them cream eyeshadows; quattro eye shadows are OK, but not ...

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OPI v Muller-ju


Pred kratkim so dobili OPI lake tudi v Mullerju. Izbira je na prvi pogled slabša kot v Nami, cena pa mislim, da je nekoliko nižja. V Mullerju stanejo laki 12,99 EUR. Samo za vas sem prepisala približno 3/4 odtenkov, ki so na voljo. Se spomnite še katerega odtenka?

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My first oval nail wheel


It took me quite some time to fink nail wheel with transparent “nails”. White plastic gives me the wrong impression about polish opacity so it really had to be transparent one. I finally found one in Trans Design store. Price is very reasonable at 0,75$ a piece, but the shipping … Right after I got the ovals, I received a ...

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To our faithful reader

Essie - Aruba Blue

Not so long ago, Maestra gave you a hint that there is a surprise coming up. She also told you that you need to subscribe in order to participate. Today is the day for the promised surprise. With this surprise we want to thank the registered reader, who submitted the most comments during the age of Essie up to 18:00 ...

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Neon KOTD and POTD


Today I have a creme neon green for you. It’s from LCN and the shade name is Neon 9. I’ve had this one in my stash for quite some time now, but I was a bit afraid of putting it on. I thought it would be too sheer and it wouldn’t go with my skin tone. I was partly right. ...

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