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It’s been interesting lately in my crazy little world. I have one sleepless night after another and then my camera decides that now is the perfect time to finally stop working. Just so you know where do crappy photos (like the one bellow) you my occasionally see on blog in next few days come from. I decided on DSLR camera, ...

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I Love… cosmetics product review

I Love products

Few weeks ago I was invited to I love… event in Ljubljana. As it usually happens with me, I had important meeting at the same time on the other end of the city. But trust me, if I had any wiggle room, I would prefer to sit in beautiful garden and enjoy in nice products than rotted in musty bureaucratic ...

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L’Oreal Oyster Bay nail polish (855)

L'Oreal Oyster Bay bottle

What do you do after you resolve jet another boring and long lasting bureaucratic hurdle? You visit drugstore just around the corner and buy yourself something pretty of course. I won’t even go into details what did I buy, but I will say that quite a few of the bought nail polishes are gift for my friends. I think you’ll ...

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Alessandro Viva La Diva sponging

Alessandro Viva La Diva - striplac

You already met Portland Dream nail polish from Alessandro Viva La Diva limited edition. This time I have for you 3 other mini polishes from the same collection. Aloha Le, City Grass and Margarita Mambo decided that it’s high time for little bit of team-building so they joined forces in sponge manicure. This manicure really pushed basement cleanup up the ...

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Illamasqua Matte Effect for summer 2014 review

Illamasqua Matte Effect summer 2014 collection

I was surprised to see Matte Effect collection from Illamasqua for summer 2014, but as I’m matte finish lover it was pleasant surprise. As Illamasqua Matte Lip Liquids are new product I had to test those out first. My first try was clownish at best. I knew I had to be doing something wrong so I persisted until I got ...

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Oyster & Champagne or Girls On Film?

Gosh Girls On Film Catrice Oyster Champagne bottles

It’s been a while now since I asked on Instagramu which of the two nail polishes should I wear. Everywhere I asked I got different answer, so I combined the two. I applied Catrice Oyster & Champagne on majority of the nails and added Gosh Girls On Film on accent finger. There are no huge similarities between these two. Only ...

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Parokeets and Shiseido Slovenia SUN photo challenge on Facebook

Shiseido FB foto natecaj 2014

I’m copying Slovenian post in English part too as I know lots of Slovenian ladies prefer reading this part of the blog. Tokrat izziv organiziramo na naši Facebook strani in sicer v sodelovanju s Shiseido Slovenija. Tematika je letnemu času primerna – sonce in sproščanje/zabava/dogodivščine. Nagrada pa lepa in tematiki primerna: ogromna in mehka brisača, SPF 15 oil-freee spray + ...

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