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Inglot Freedom eyeshadow palette: cool vs. warm

Inglot Freedom System eyeshadow palette: warm vs. cool

I adore my Inglot Freedom System eyeshadow palettes but they’re also responsible for few extra gray hair – they just don’t want to show their true colors on the photos. I guess close enough will have to do … even though I hate that phrase. I wanted to swatch my matte eyeshadows first, but those were the lousiest photos of ...

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My Inglot make up collection

My Inglot cosmetics collection by Gejba

Inglot is definitively one of the brands I reach often for, so I wanted to show you what I tried out so far … and then you can decide review of which products interest you the most. Here is my whole Inglot stash: Freedom palettes, nail polishes, concealers, eyeshadows, highlighter … Original plan was to swatch at least my matte ...

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Inglot palette from Poland – by Goga

Inglot palette - sun

Hi ladies! I owed you this picture from my another Inglot freedom system palette which came all along from Poland  (with cooperation with Gejba) and lovely stri-linga from  Sorry Mario the princess is in another castle blog. Thank you again.  This palette is again one as I called it ‘mixed grill’ – a bit of every kind of colour, finish, etc. I’m in ...

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Inglot goodies from Poland

Inglot goodies from Poland

AAAAAAAAAAA – I got the package from Poland filled with Inglot goodies! Thank you, thank you, thank you, fantastic and super kind stri-linga from Sorry Mario the princess is in another castle blog for being my “middle man”. Hopefully I’ll be able to repay you one day for all the time and effort you put into researching, scouting, buying, packing ...

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Maestra’s new make up beauties from America

USA 2011 Haul: Inglot Freedom System square palette

While I was browsing and preparing photos of the rest of my trip to America for you, I realised that there’s still a lot of photos that I would really like to show you. Definitely more than they can fit in one post. And I surely don’t want to bore you just with my trip photos and keep you waiting ...

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Inglot Belgrade haul – swatches

Inglot palette swatch - first row

In Belgrade I bought freedom system palette and holo lip gloss. First will come eye shadow swatches. I’m in love in pearl e/s. Also other are very beautiful but I like the pearl finish. I wish to have few more palettes… First (top) row: Second (down) row:     As I already mentioned.. I’m in love Would you like to ...

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Review and swatches: Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows round (Maestra’s crazy palette)

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow (round): AMC 63, AMC 60, AMC 72, AMC 50, AMC 51, AMC 59, Matte 373, Matte 372, Matte 371, Matte 362

I’m sure Inglot’s Freedom System doesn’t really need introduction, does it? For those of you, who aren’t familiar with the system, here’s a quick description of what it is. It’s a fantastic system, where you can put together your own palette of eyeshadows, blushes, foundations … And the coolest thing is, the palettes are magnetic and look amazing. I love ...

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