Essie – Spring 2009

Essie’s new spring 2009 collection is made of six cream shades, which will make cream polish lovers very hap

Promotional material looks like this:

The shades are:

  • Lacquered Up – Red Hot Crimson
  • Flawless – Cherry – Blossom Pink
  • Eternal Optimist – Spiced Tea Rose
  • Mesmerize – Royal Va-Va Blue
  • One Of A Kind – Poppy Red Kiss
  • Status Symbol – Feisty Hot Pink

So far I have to show you only two shades – Mesmerize and One Of A Kind. I’m expecting the third – Status Symbol to arrive next week. The remaining three, I passed on because they did not convince me (yet).

Mesmerize is a blue cream, which many people were waiting for. Medium dark blue cream, which applied flawlessly and is highly pigmented. It applied streak-free. In the picture it is shown with two coats.

One Of A Kind is orange-red cream shade, which also applied well and is highly pigmented. The photo is shown only with one coat!
As soon as I saw One Of A Kind, I thought that it was very similar to the Escapades shade of Essie’s last summer collection. I made a comparison and found out that they are similar but not identical.

Bottle comparison…

As I wrote before, the shades are similar, but not identical. OOAK has significantly more orange in it as E does.

As soon as I get the Status Symbol, I’ll write more about this collection …

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