Never say never

I can still remember how much I disliked Nubar Rich Berry the first time I tried it on. I was with friends in coffee shop, and I told them I hated the shade and bubbling in this nail polish.

After a long time I decided to give this polish another try … and I loved it.

I could not come with name for this shade – but Saša remembered the perfect one – scarlet. Polish is loaded with cool violet and red shimmer – so double whammy when taking photos.

I tried to capture the realistic shade in every place I could think of. Here is one of them:

Nubar Rich Berry

After a long search I found the right exposure:

Nubar Rich Berry

Minor problem was narrow brush, but I managed to tame it, so application went on without the hitch. I liked the rubberized cap – grip is much better this way. It may not be pretty to some, but it’s functional. It’s big 3 free, so the smell is not as bad as with classical polishes. I paid 6,50$ (postage is not included) on Ebay.

I used two coats of Rich Berry, with no topcoat over it.

Nubar Rich Berry

It may look like I have two polishes on – but I assure you – it’s Nubar Rich Berry on all of them. If a little bit of sunshine fell on polish it became impossible to take photo of. Index and middle finger are still hiding away in shadow, while ring and pinky are enjoying on the sun. :D

Two photos taken in indirect sunlight (ignore the orange shades – it’s reflection and not shimmer ):

Nubar Rich BerryNubar Rich Berry

Don’t you just love the finish?

10 thoughts on “Never say never”

  1. :wub: I do love Nubar’s polishes.  I love the shape of the bottle and the rubberized cap.  They have such gorgeous colors.  I just got the Green Collection.  I had to have all the colors since they’re all so different.  I also love the finish on the polishes.  Especially the duochromes.  I have so many other colors that I want from Nubar.


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