Essence – Into The Ocean Trend Edition – nail polishes

Once again Essence didn’t disappoint us. Their Into The Ocean Trend Edition is another great collection. Among other, there are three great nail polishes. As you’ll see later on, the polishes have great potential as long as you use your imagination.

Bubble Bubble is a lovely purple to lavender shade with a foil finish.

Essence – Into The Ocean – Bubble Bubble vs. S-he Stylezone – 436 Bubble Bubble is very similar to the shade S-he 436. 436 is a bit darker and it has less silver in it.

Essence – Into The Ocean – Bubble Bubble vs. S-he Stylezone – 436
Two coats in the picture.

Open Water Dive is a sheer blue green shade with a very interesting shimmer that looks almost like tiny glass shards. The shimmer makes this one really special.

Essence – Into The Ocean – Open Water Dive
Maybe you’ll be disappointed at first, but don’t be, because this one is great for layering and gradient manicures. Look at a few ideas below…

French manicure with Open Water Dive tips.

Ombia – french + Essence – Open Water Dive

Essence – Into The Ocean – Open Water Dive various ways
Dive Deeper is a unique shade. Again it’s the shimmer that makes is so unique. It has tiny blue and green shimmer, plus some bigger shimmer that changes color from red, gold and green. The base is dark grey blue. It is very difficult to describe this shade, because it hides so much.

Essence – Into The Ocean – Dive Deeper
Look at the shimmer!

Essence – Into The Ocean – Dive DeeperYou have to see this one in person. It’s such a beauty! The application was great. You’ll definitely need two coats, because the first coats is almost completely without shimmer. The second coats makes it perfect.

And a bonus… my experiment with diagonal gradient manicure. I wanted to give you an idea how much potential this collection has. You just have to use your imagination…

Essence – Into The Ocean – Dive Deeper + Open Water Dive The base color is Dive Deeper, the gradient is made with Open Water Dive. On my ring finger I added some nail art.

Essence – Into The Ocean – Dive Deeper + Open Water Dive I hope my finger didn’t scare you.

What do you think about the collection? Do you like it?

I hope I gave you some inspiration and you’ll create something beautiful.

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22 thoughts on “Essence – Into The Ocean Trend Edition – nail polishes”

  1. i try to look for this polishes but i cant find.. i also try in dubai they dont have this kind of polish.. mostly they have this “on the go collection” ( the small quick dry polish) i love the dive deeper and bubble bubble.. i just love the nail foil looks…hehehe :wink:

  2. Hi Viktoria!
    I don’t know if my answer will ever reach you, but here it is anyway: in Hungary the brand ‘Essence’ is available in Rossmann stores. In fact, I just saw this collection on display today i one of their stores. Now, having read the the excellent review here, I’m definitely going back tomorrow to pick up ‘Open Water Dive’ and ‘Dive Deeper’. ;-)

  3. What a beautiful collection. I love the designs that you do. I love the beautiful shimmers in this collection. I’ve never seen this polish before. Is it available in the US?

    • I don’t think Essence is available in the US. It’s an European brand. It is really cheap, but the quality is quite good. It’s a drugstore brand.
      This is their official site: Essence

  4. Hey,Parokeets :)
    Please help me…I’m an enthusastic reader of your site,but i have a big problem:I have no idea,where i could find Essence in Hungary.(It’s not a DM brand item..i can find everything there..well,almost..S-he,Alverde,L’oréal etc.)
    Do you know any place for it?
    Thank you

  5. So Beautiful! I must have all of them, very nice your french manicure! :wink:
    I hope that when i return at home from my holiday i can still find them…
    Here we don’t be able to understand when the new collection are in the shop :drop:

  6. Ooooo, Maestra fantastično!! Komi čakam, da pridm do Millerja, si me čist navdušila nad temi laki :stars:

  7. Ribica, ja. Lake sem kupila v Mullerju na Čopovi v LJ ;) Stojalo je bilo pa malo skrito za ovinkom od Essence stojala, na katerem je bil postavljen Summer Love TE, o katerem bom tudi v kratkem kaj napisala ;)

  8. Maestra, super post :drop:

    Zadnja manikura je res lepa, nora – kot je Nati napisala :wink:

    Drugače pa od vseh lakcev sta mi prvi in zadnji najlepša :nails:


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