Some orange-y beauties – Part 1

Orange nails for the summer… HOT HOT HOT!!! That’s why I have some orange suggestions for you today.

S-he Stylezone – 457 is a creme light yellow-orange shade. This shade isn’t very bold and is perfect for people who are afraid of bold orange colors or simply don’t like them. I don’t know if this shade is still available, because I got it half off and that probably means that it was discontinued.

S-he Stylezone - 457N.Y.C. – Times Square Tangerine Creme is a really bold orange shade and it has some red tint to it. There are two coats in the picture.

L.A. Girl Flare – Flushed is a neon creme orange shade. This one stands really out in the crowd! It’s eye catching and I love it! No application issues with this one. There are two coats in the picture.

Like all neons this one also dries matte. Nothing one coat of top coat couldn’t handle!

What do you think? Which one is your favourite shade from the bunch?

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12 thoughts on “Some orange-y beauties – Part 1”

  1. :nails: I love the LA Girls color.  But all three are nice.  I have a bunch of oranges and have yet to wear them.  I’ve been on a green kick for almost two months.  Now with the Nubar Green Collection I have even more to try.

  2. I like the N.Y.C. one best.  I have Finger Paints in Tangerine Tint and the NYC is close to that.   Love, love, love the color.  So summery.  Alos, you’re nails are gorgeous.  

  3. :stars:  Tale…  LA girl je fenomenalen.. krasen, cudovit, bozanski….  pravi worship like lakec…

    Takoj bi ga imela! :D

  4. opaaa, čudovito!!
    oranžna je to poletje sigurno moja najljubša barva lakcev – tako topla, sončna, ognjena je!!
    meni so vsi trije udoviti, zadnji Flushed pa prav SEKA!


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