I wrote about the Wild Orchid shade HERE. The other day a layered Wild Orchid over OPI – Light My Sapphire, which is a dark purple-blue shade with tiny silver shimmer. The dark base brought the blue side of the Wild Orchid to the front.

Wet N Wild – Wild Shine – Wild Orchid čez OPI – Light My SapphireThe holographic glitter sparkling in the sun…

Wet N Wild – Wild Shine – Wild Orchid čez OPI – Light My SapphireI’ve had this combo on my nails for a couple of days. It was fun and pretty. What do you think?


  1. This is such a pretty colour! I love how the glitter is subtle but you can’t miss it at the same time. I like Wild Orchid on it’s own, but this combo is also very nice.

  2. Superca! :) Meni trenutno krasi nohte Essence Chill out :) In se ga kar ne morem nagledat (malo spremembe po živahnih lakih) :wink:

  3. Na mojih je trenutno Metro Chic. Danes gre dol in gre gor Macov Naughty Nauticals, ki sem ga dobila kot darilo, čeprav v Macove lake nekoliko dvomim, ker sem nekoč nekje prebrala, da so škodljivi. Ve kdo kaj več o tem? :unsure:


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