While browsing Nail Polish forum, I spotted Cantare nail polishes. Next time I went to DM store, no.132 went home with me.

Cantare 132

Closest I could come up with color description is royal blue.

Packaging is not so great – you can not screw cap all the way. And polish has only 3 month expiration date.

This is creme shade with really dull finish. Top coat is a must.

Fanken polish mixes (home made polish mixing you see on Dr. Frankenpolish blog) are quite popular in our country right now.

I personally never mix different polishes together, since I don’t have time to study about different chemicals and their properties. Why do I think I should? Here are few of my reasons:

  • you can get poisonous gas/chemicals from two or more harmless ingredients;
  • not even polishes from the same collection necessarily have the same ingredients;
  • I’m safety freak so I would have to invest in protective wear: gloves, mask, goggles, buy pipets for precise measuring … so expenses would ad up.

I usually add micas or mineral eyeshadows to polishes I want to spice up.

Cantare 132, Sweetscents Hope

This time I applied Sweetscents Hope eyeshadow (mixed with Pretty Woman Vitamine Coctail basecoat) over Cantare 132 polish.

Cantare 132, Sweetscents Hope

Larger detail picture:

Cantare 132, Sweetscents Hope

Hope has the same effect on polish as it does on its own – it becomes almost silver in artificial lighting.

Cantare 132, Sweetscents Hope

Cantare 132 bottle contains 6ml of polish and costs around 0,80 € in DM stores.


  1. Tale Cantare je izredno lep! Tudi moja prva asociacija kraljevsko modra ;) Po pravici povedano mi je na slikah bolj všeč brez Hope senčke. :think:

    Sicer pa, izredno dobra in resna tematika (home made mešanice lakov) ter vsekakor omembe vredna. Menim, da se ljudje te problematike niti ne zavedajo dovolj!


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