The age of Essie – part 1

Let’s start off with a few bonus pics…


What a sweet sight


And an ugly duckling… <3

The Ugly Duckling

And now let’s move to the point of our today’s post…

A few days ago I started the Age of Essie, where I presented you my stash of Essie polishes. Today, I’m going to continue with some pictures of light pink shades, for which Essie is well known.

Vanity Fairest is a light pink sheer shades with tiny silver shimmer. There is not a lot of shimmer, but it’s visible in the sun. Three coats in the picture.

Essie - Vanity Fairest

I would describe East Hampton Cottage as a white shade with quite a lot of pink to it. It has tiny silver shimmer. The consistency was a bit watery, but well pigmented. The application was a bit streaky. Two coats in the picture.

Essie - East Hampton Cottage

Next one is Power Lunch, a nude sheer shade with shimmer. This one took me by surprise. I liked it a lot! There are three coats in the picture.

Essie - Power LunchEssie - Power Lunch

The last one is the Lily Pond. It’s a pink creme with salmon to coral undertones. There are two coats in the picture.

Essie - Lily Pond

I like Essie bottles a lot. They’re square and chic. I also love their brush. It’s regular round and I love it. The consistency on Essie polishes is just like most brands. There are a lot of good polishes in their range but you can also find a few streaky ones. I think that in the Essie range there aren’t a lot of unique shades as they are known for their reds and French shades, but they created the cult Starry Starry Night polish, which sadly isn’t available any more.

I just have to mention their great fast drying top coat called Good To Go. I’ll write about it in more detail in the future. I’m also very excited about their new matte top coat, called Matte About You (I love the name of this one).

Among a lot of other sites, you can buy Essie HERE. They ship internationally.

I have a question for you now. Which shade from the current Essie range is your favourite?

8 thoughts on “The age of Essie – part 1”

  1. :nails: Those are pretty shades. Nice clean looking colors. I’m waiting for the Matte About You to come in the mail. Can’t wait to try it on many of my polishes. I’m really liking Chubby Cheeks.

  2. Moram priznat, da nimam še nobenega Essie lakca. :blush: Me pa izredno mikajo, ko pa vidim vaše fotografije pa še toliko bolj. Pa kakšni nohti, uau! :wub:

  3. Nekako so mi predstavljeni lakci manj zanimivi, ker nisem ravno ljubitelj svetlih odtenkov. Sicer pa mi je zaradi šimra od njih najbolj všeč Power Lunch.
    Trenutno pa najbolj sanjam o nadlaku Matte About You, iz trenutnega programa barvnih lakov pa mi je trenutno najbolj všeč Swing Velvet… :wub:
    Če pa bi izbirala le glede na izvirnost imena, bi kupila Essie Meat Balls. :biggrin:


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