China Glaze – Blue Sparrow and Flying Dragon

anchek reminded me of a bright and neon glittery blue shade named Blue Sparrow from China Glaze. It’s a wonderful neon blue shade with lots of silver square shaped glitter. It’s not too bright, just right.

China Glaze - Blue SparrowChina Glaze - Blue Sparrow

The pictures aren’t totally spot on. The polish isn’t as glowing bright as shown in the pictures. My camera just couldn’t capture it better. There are two coats shown in the picture. The consistency is a bit runny, but you can get it under control as you get used to it. It dries matte and the finish is rough.

Below is my sponge gradient manicure made with Blue Sparrow and S-he – 375 in Golden Rose – 324.

Sponge gradient manicureI liked the end result, but sadly it doesn’t show up well in the picture.

Sponge gradient manicureSponge gradient manicure

For the brothers from the Ink collection to be together, here is also the picture of Flying Dragon.

China Glaze - Flying DragonChina Glaze - Flying Dragon

It’s a wonderful purple neon shade with blue and magenta square glitter. The consistency, the finish and everything is similar to the Blue Sparrow. Both are lovely neon shades, don’t you think so too?

This post is also available in SLOVENŠČINA.

7 thoughts on “China Glaze – Blue Sparrow and Flying Dragon”

  1. :cool: Blue Sparrow and Flying Dragon are such exciting looking polishes. I love both of them. Sadly I haven’t worn either but their waiting for me. I also love the gradient you did. That’s really pretty.

  2. Hvala vsem! :rose:

    Matejcka, sploh ne vem, ali sta res preživa. Na mojih slikah zgledata ful živa, a nista marker-živa-neona. Prav nosljiva neona sta. Vsaj v mojih očeh. :silly:

    Amarena, hvala! Sponge pa na slikah bolj hecno zgleda. V živo je lepši. Vsaj tako se mi zdi. :think: :biggrin: Bo pa tale sponge počasi dal prostor kateremu drugemu lepotcu. :nails:


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