Essie – Cuddle With Color – fall 2009

I know, I’m a bit late to the party but anyway… here it is, Essie’s Cuddle With Color collection for fall 2009.

Today I have 5 colors to show to you. I’m missing the dark blue one called Midnight Cami. Gejba will show it to you later.

Chinchilly is a beautiful creme light grey. I love it!

Essie - Cuddle With Color - Fall 2009 - Chinchilly

There is one coat of Silver Bullions on my pointer finger and one coat of Matte About You on my pinky.

Essie - Cuddle With Color - Fall 2009 - Chinchilly

One coat of Matte About Your over Silver Bullions.

Essie - Cuddle With Color - Fall 2009 - Chinchilly

A few dots with Matte About you.

Mink Muffs is a creme chocolate brown with a hint of grey to it. It dries darker on the nail than it is in the bottle. There are two coats shown in the picture.

Essie - Cuddle With Color - Fall 2009 - Mink MuffsEssie - Cuddle With Color - Fall 2009 - Mink Muffs

With one coat of Matte About You.

Essie - Mink Muffs + Matte About You

I played around with dots, so here’s neon orange shade Bright Tights on Matte About You.

Essie - Mink Muffs + Matte About You + Bright Tights

Bright Tights is a creme neon orange shade. There are three coats shown in the picture below. It dries in a satin finish, which is common for neon shades. It’s a bit streaky to apply and I needed three coats to make it opaque and even. I achieved best results when I worked with medium thick coats and with only three brush strokes as this polish dries very quickly.

Essie - Cuddle With Color - Fall 2009 - Bright Tights

Angora Cardi is a really interesting color. It looked fantastic on the promo sheets. When I got my hands on it, I was disappointed. It looked so.. meh… It looks so dirty in the bottle. Really! But when applied on the nails… pure beauty! Again, it dries darker that it’s in the bottle. I love this color! It totally screams fall to me.

Essie - Cuddle With Color - Fall 2009 - Angora Cardi

Pink Parka is a creme neon pink shade. Nothing more to say about it. The application was good. I only needed two coats to make it opaque and even.

Essie - Cuddle With Color - Fall 2009 - Pink Parka

So, that’s almost a whole collection. What do you think so far? Like it or not?

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18 thoughts on “Essie – Cuddle With Color – fall 2009”

  1. I have Angora cardi and Midnight cami and have Pink parka on my wishlist after your post also Bright Tights, neon orange dots on grey looks super. :wub:

  2. :wub: I love Angora Cardi & Mink Muffs. I have to order those two. Love your nails with the orange dots. Cute! Love the matte looks also. Gorgeous!!

  3. I love this collection.  I think I have all of them except Bright Tights and Mink Muffs.  The latter looked like it could be a pretty close dupe to OPI Over the Taupe…

  4. They all look lovely on you. You have exquisite nails and the perfect application doesn’t harm! I love the dot effects.  :cool:

  5. chocaddict, thank you! The same with me. At first, the only color I liked was Chinchilly, but now… I think that all of the colors are pretty, not exactly unique, but pretty.

  6. Honestly at first I wasn’t excited by this collection at all (except for chinchilly), but the more I see swatches, the more I like it. I’m wearing chinchilly today and it’s a gorgeous gorgeous color :nails:
    I really like all the different layerings you did with it, even the matte ones (very surprising for me :biggrin: )

  7. Meni so vsec… :)! Prav vsi, sploh oranzen in rjav, njami!
    Neoncki jeseni mi prav pasejo..  ne maram jesenske odsotnosti barv, ker potem izpade vse depresivno..

  8. Oh wow! :) Obožujem činčile, zato me je prvi navdušil. Oranžen je tudi fenomenalen, pa roza on vijolični … Vsi so defitivno a must have to jesen!  :wub:


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