Gabrini – 383 is a real blue beauty. I glows in the sun! It’s one of those shades that makes me stare at my nails all the time. I really love it on my nails! It’s so fresh and summery!

Gabrini - 383I had no application issues with it and there’s only two coats in the picture.

To match my nails I used one of the EyeMajic combinations. I think it is shade 8.

Eye Majic - shade 8This combination is funny and I would never combine those shades, but I had to try it anyway. I still don’t think it looks good on me. I mean, it looks good with open eyes…

Eye Majic - shade 8But when I look at pictures with closed eyes, I think that the colors don’t fit together. I really love that blue color, though. I also added some eyeliner. I used Pupa‘s Multiplay shade 03, which is a great metallic blue shade.

I have another pictures of this make up for you. the picture was taken 8 hours after the make up was done.

Eye Majic - shade 8 (after 8 hours)You can see in the picture that these Eye Majic instant eyeshadows really stay on. And no, I didn’t use any make up base here.

You know what? We have a giveaway right now where you can get Eye Majic eyeshadows of your choice. If you’d like to participate, read HERE more about the contest.

Thank you for reading!


  1. :rose: That is a beautiful sky blue. I don’t blame you for staring at your nails. Love your eyemakeup. The blue really looks pretty on you.

  2. Imam tudi jaz to kombinacijo. Me je sokirala… namrec v negativnem smislu, ker sta res cudni barvi ti dve. Sama ju tudi ne bi nikoli kombinirala, ampak ne izpadejo tako zelo slabo podnevi in z odprtimi ockami.
    Lakec pa je enostavno krasen!

  3. Sicer res odprto zgleda lepo, zaprto mi je pa barva kombinacija čisto mimo. Nothi pa itak kot vedno – the best. Maestra tebi tako ali tako paše kakršen koli odtenek. :wink:


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