Yesterday was a really good day for me. Nothing special happened, I just felt good and full of energy. I projected my feelings to my nails. This playful manicure ended up on my nails.

OPI SkittlesTo top it a bit, I added some polka dots.

OPI SkittlesI mean, I know it’s really way over the top, but I felt great wearing this as it was what I felt. Pure energy!

OPI SkittlesWhat I used:

  1. OPI – Green-wich Village (3 coats) + acrylic paint in metallic anthracite (pictured below)
  2. OPI – Hey! Get In Lime (3 coats) + acrylic paint in turquoise (pictured below)
  3. OPI – Banana Bandanna (3 coats) + acrylic paint in metallic anthracite (pictured below)
  4. OPI – No Room For The Blues (2 coats) + acrylic paint in turquoise (pictured below)
  5. OPI – Dating A Royal (2 coats) + acrylic paint in turquoise (pictured below)

Acrylic paint I used…

L: Metallic Anthracite, R: Turquoise
L: Metallic Anthracite, R: Turquoise

What was your day like yesterday? What would your manicure be like if you projected your yesterday to your nails?


  1. I’ve never heard of this infection before. I did a little research now and this really doesn’t look pretty. A :rose: to you, Lucy! Of course there’s no need to apologise. If it makes you a bit better, I’m happy for you! I hope you’ll be all better soon. {big hug}

    And I can just imagine how great your manicure looks! :cool:

  2. :unsure: Well my polish does fit what I feel like. I’m not feeling good. I have cellulitis which is an infection under the skin. On my stomach of all places. The doctor said it can come from a scratch or many other reasons. You run a fever and the area gets bright red, swollen and hard. I was put on a strong antibiotic. I’ve been taking it for 3 days and I’m getting better. My stomach isn’t as red, hot, swollen or hard as it first was. But it still is red. Crazy, I just don’t know how it happened. Well I feel green around the gills. So my polish is Diamond Cosmetics Froggy. But I still am trying to be cheerful and happy so I put SH Xtreme Wear Cosmic Glow on top of it. I think that’s the right shade. I love your skittles nails. Very cute! Sorry about all the details but I needed to feel a bit sorry for myself. (((hugs)))

  3. Tokrat sem pike delala z zelo tankim okroglim čopičem. ;) Sicer pa ima Essence zadevico, ki so jo poimenovali Nail Art Stylist. S to zadevico gre zelo lepo enakomerne pike delati. ;) Bom v prihodnje pofotkala ta pripomoček. :wink:

    No Room For The Blues je res lepotec, čeprav moj favorit med zgornjimi je Hey! Get In Lime. :wub:

    Ups, šele zdaj sem videla, da sem pozabila prilepiti eno fotko… in sicer fotko akrilnih barv… bom sedaj dodala. :blush:

  4. Kjut, kjut :wink: Ne morem se nagledati plavčka No room for the blues…prečudovit je! :wub: Saj res, še to Maestra, vem da sem te pred časom že spraševala s čim delaš pike, ampak jaz tega pripomočka ne najdem nikjer… :blush:

  5. čudovito Maestra! res razeseljujoče pisana manikura!
    Moj včerajšnji dan je bil bolj žalosten in zakrbljen…zato sem požrla ful čokolade in si naredila čokoladno manikuro…da se spravim v dobro voljo.  Sicer bi si tudi jaz pobarvala nohte s kako temno barvo…če bi želela, da nohti odražajo moje počutje…


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