Gabrini Elegant 371 – flossed

As I already mentioned HERE, I had special manicure in mind for Gabrini 371.

I quickly fell in love with Gabrini polishes – the apply well, have lot of colors to choose from, their staying power is good and they have cute bottles. This time I have for you polish from Elegant collection – my favorite line from Gabrini.

Gabrini 371, 364

Gabrini Elegant 371 is almost blue black shade. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy it or not. Is this another black polish trying to be something els or is this really dark blue color. Fortunately, I bought it.

Gabrini 371

Sun kept hiding so shade came out little bit darker than in reality. I applied 2 coats + top coat. If you’re little more careful with application than me, one layer is enough.

I like this polish better in shade than in the sunshine.

Gabrini 371

First time I used this polish I wanted to do something special with it. I wanted something asymmetrical, not neat. If you’re not a fan of those kind of manicures – read on at your own discretion.

I knew I wanted to use chrome polishes and something in violet color. But with what should I apply them with? I didn’t want to large of a mess, and thread was to neat. So I used dental floss. I wasn’t using it anyway since it was to thick, so I might find better use for it, right?

Gabrini Elegant 371 flossing team

I present to you the whole team from left to right: floss, Stargazer 236, Sally Hansen Crystal Chrome: Chrome Crystal, Peach Crystal, Lilac Crystal; Golden Rose 218 and Gabrini Elegant 371.

Technique it self is nothing special: I coted floss with polish and pressed it onto the nail. Here’s the result:

Gabrini 371 - nail art (flossing)

Gabrini 371 - nail art (flossing)

Gabrini 371 - nail art (flossing)

I had special top in mind to go with this manicure – sleeveless roll I decorated with Swarovski rhinestones.

Top swarovskiColor is more realistic in small square. I used Swarovski Aurora stones – they change color according to the colors surrounding them.

I usually combine the top with one of the three bracelets in my collection … depending on the occasion.

BraceletsI made the black one for the same dance performance as the top. I don’t wear it much these days. Top bracket I wear on more “gala” occasions, preferably with a skirt.

Last one is “party” bracelet – you could say this one has most of the mileage.

13 thoughts on “Gabrini Elegant 371 – flossed”

  1. :nails:
    Love the manicure. It almost looks like barbed wire on your nails. Your top with the crystals is really cute. Love the bracelets.

  2. Manikura je čudovita!!! :stars: Top in zapestnice sicer niso ekstra moj stil, po pravici povedano si jih tudi na tebi ne predstavljam, a k plesalki vsekakor sodijo. :wink: Verjetno je že vsaka prava plesalka kdaj lepila bleščice… :biggrin:


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