Oval nail wheel part 2

This is the second part of the BIH haul.

Nail Color Wheel

This wheel consists mostly from cool undertone polishes. As you can see, I got a lot less of those, so the wheel remained unfinished.

Nail Color Wheel

You could admire some of them already on Maestra’s photos. Like Gabrini 383 and Gabrini 364 in a duet with Golden Rose 318.

Nail Color Wheel

Gabrini Elegant 371 is really dark dark blue. I have something special in store for this polish.

I already showed you Cantare 132. This one was bought at the latter date and then added to the wheel.

Nail Color Wheel

HERE is the first oval … in case you missed it.

3 thoughts on “Oval nail wheel part 2”

  1. Najbolj mi je  všeč 1. Golden Rose 274. Že lep čas padam na zeleno barvo. :haha:
    Čudoviti so lakci pod zaporedno številko 2.,3. in 4., medtem ko mi je 9. Cantare 132 tudi lepa, a preveč vsakdanja.
    Gejba, ali takšen oval, ko ga enkrat “nalakiraš”, potem arhiviraš?


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