Bling – Bling Ocean franken and KOTD

I went out shopping with Nati and we got into a craft store, where I bought these perfect glitters with holographic effect. I had to try them out immediately. And the franken named Bling – Bling Ocean was born. Here’s the formula, how he was created …

From L to R: Rayher glitters, S-he 426 and 399, Bling - Bling Ocean
From L to R: Rayher glitters, S-he 426 and 399, Bling – Bling Ocean

“X” in the picture above isn’t a variable, but only crossed ingredient that wasn’t used at creating the polish at the end of equation at all.

And here’s Bling – Bling Ocean. Two coats shown in the picture. No application problems.

Bling - Bling Ocean - franken

The close-up of the glitters …

Rayher - glitter

The day after a upgraded my mani and added some “waves” with Chez-Delaney IP H20 and Avon – Mirror Shine – Silver Foil polish. Here’s the result.

Bling - Bling Ocean + Chez-Delaney H20, Avon - Silver Foil

What do you think?

16 thoughts on “Bling – Bling Ocean franken and KOTD”

  1. omg!!ur really genius sweety..oh girl.. i’ve been looking for that kind of holo glitters… but i havent found anything.. mostly are regular glitters…like gold and silver… have u seen a pink and green holo glitz?Marie is right this is quite similar to atlantis..i dont have atlantis too..i have found a silver polish which is good for konad… :biggrin: but the bottle is too small..about 4-5 ml :drop:

  2. Thank you! :rose: I don’t have Atlantis, but I loved it from the pictures and I also thought of it when I looked at my franken. Now, you also commented on it I’m even happier. :w00t: Atlantis is one of very few ChG glitters I really wish for. Santa, do you hear me? :silly:

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! :w00t:
    Your franken reminds me of ChG Atlantis with more subtle glitter so it’s a winner for me and the fauxnad design suits the color perfectly :)

  4. Lepa manikura, ampak prišla sem povedat nekaj drugega: Maestra, srce si! :wub: Danes imam zelo slab dan in si mi ga res polepšala. Hvala! :rose:


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