Calvin Klein – Indigo Blue and Emerald Green

I have something special for you today. I’ll show the only two Calvin Klein nail polishes I own. And both are special, because they are limited edition and I beyond lucky to get them. I’m mean, unbelievably lucky! Both are from the same collection of three colors (the third one was silver) and I think they were released as part of Spring 2009 collection, but I’m not sure.

I’ll show you the pictures first and then I’ll tell a funny story about how I got them.

Indigo Blue is gorgeous metallic blue. I wouldn’t classify it as indigo blue. I’d say it’s more medium blue and very vivid. The application was flawless. OK, the brush is crap. It’s like a mop. And I couldn’t really control it. But the consistency was great. Very pigmented and a bit on the thick side, but I prefer thick over watery. And for a metallic shade it’s a dream to apply and no visible brush strokes at all. They just disappear when the polish dries.

Calvin Klein - Indigo BlueCalvin Klein - Indigo BlueThe cap on the bottle is removable …Calvin Klein - Indigo BlueIt works perfect with stamping …

H&M - Goddess On Stage + Essence - Stampy Set with Calvin Klein - Indigo Blue

Next one is Emerald Green. A wonderful forest green. Again the brush was crap, but the formula was great. Two coats in the picture. If I’d apply three coats, the color would be a bit deeper. I don’t have a lot to say about Emerald Green. Great color and I love it!

Calvin Klein - Emerald GreenCalvin Klein - Emerald GreenI added subtle Chez-Delaney design with P30 and CND – Eskimo Kiss. It’s my KOTD.

Calvin Klein - Emerald Green + Chez-Delaney P30 with CND - Eskimo KissCalvin Klein - Emerald Green + Chez-Delaney P30 with CND - Eskimo KissWhat do you think?

Oh, yes. I have a story to tell. Well, I first saw this collection in Austria. I was instantly in love with Emerald Green, but they only had a tester bottle. OK, then I checked in all our stores, that sell Calvin Klein cosmetics but no luck. They never received this collection. I was sad, as I knew I would never get my hands on my beloved Emerald Green, because I knew it was a limited edition color. Then I slowly forgot about it. Then, a month ago, I went to Germany, where I again saw this collection, but as luck would have it they also only had a tester bottle. I managed to find one new Indigo Blue bottle hidden somewhere behind the drawer, but no Emerald Green. I grabbed the Indigo Blue, but that was not the end of it. It was on sale! I think I got it for half of the original price. How cool is that! I still couldn’t get Emerald Green out of my mind, so I went back the next day and asked a very friendly seller, if I could buy the tester bottle of Emerald Green. I checked before and the tester bottle was almost full and in good shape, but she said that they aren’t allowed to sell tester bottles. Oh my … I threw a very sad look and explained to her that I collect polishes and I really need to have that one and that she would make me really happy and so … She gave in and asked her boss, what to do. At the end I got my Emerald Green bottle. And you know what? It was free!!! I mean, I couldn’t believe it. I was beyond happy and I could cry for joy!

That’s my story today. Do you have any funny stories about your polishes?

18 thoughts on “Calvin Klein – Indigo Blue and Emerald Green”

  1. that is totally awesome that you got the Emerald green for free!!! WOW! These are both beautiful polishes, but I love the way you used the blue one for Konading, it was so pretty!

  2. wow!!! u’re such a lucky girl!! and thats a great story..i love that emerald green.. and already told myself not to fall inlove with the polish coz its discontinued :silly: and i have my all access on the way.. :wub: what plate u used in ur indigo design?

  3. they’ve discontinued the ck cosmetics line- i was lucky to grab some of their treatments- a top coat, a base coat, a strenghtening base coat and a (cuticle) moisturerizer and a sheer one for layering…. too bad I’ve discovered them now when they’ve discontinued their line because I’d love to have indigo blue….

  4. I think that this green is really beautiful and that you get very lucky! :)
    Curious thing is that I haven’t seen those colors in France (we’re always a bit late when it comes to nail polish, I swear). I would have picked the green otherwise. All I know is that Calvin Klein stop doing make up (at least in my country). Not sure about other countries but what a shame, I loved the brand.

  5. Uaaau, katera prijazna prodajalka, kapo dol, resnicno!
    Moder je krasen, samo ga ne bi opredelila kakor indigo moder (pod indigo barvo si predstavljam temno modro, mogoce z dodatkom vijolicne, boh?).
    Super manikure, krasni nohti! Sploh, perfect! :w00t:


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