Remember when I told you I got two E.L.F. polishes for my mom? One was Moonlight polish, the other one I got was E.L.F. Blush nail polish.

ELF – Blush

I was not convinced by this copperish shade with frost finish. I like how it looks in the shade, but I really dislike it in the sun. I used two layers. Application itself was not problematic, but there are visible brush lines due to the frost finish … and stiff brush does not help.

ELF – Blush
ELF – Blush

I bought it at ELF internet store for approximately 1,7 EUR (2,5 USD) + shipping. Bottle holds 10 ml (0.35 oz) of polish.

As you can see pictures were stored in the archives for quite some time. I took them in September. What can I say – I really disliked this shade.


  1. Meni je všeč, no. In prav lepo zgleda na tebi! Kak konad mu pa itak ne bi škodoval. :wink: Se pa čisto strinjam glede čopičev… ELFovi so izredno trdi, kar samo oteži nanos, čeprav je npr. formula sama po sebi čisto dobra. Čopič vse pokvari.


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