I saw couple of new shades at ELF and ordered two for my mom who likes lighter shades.

ELF – Moonlight

ELF Moonlight is goldish beige shade even I like. It’s not opaque, you’ll need three layers to get rid of visible nail tips.

direct sunlight
direct sunlight

When sun touches the very fine simmer, polish gets this pretty champagne color. Unfortunately it has frost/metallic finish so application was not as smooth as I would like. As you can see, sun brings out the streaks.

ELF – Moonlight

In shade, polish looks more cool toned. It can even get silvery/gray undertone if the lighting is right.

If I compare Moonlight with Essence – Love Of My Life polish from Essence – Made With Love collection, latter has larger shimmer and is more goldish. Both of them work with Konad.

I bought it at ELF internet store for approximately 1,7 EUR (2,5 USD) + shipping. Bottle holds 10 ml (0.35 oz) of polish.

For the end just a quick reminder that our New challenge and new opportunity giveaway ends this Sunday.


  1. :cry:I can’t believe how behind I am with all of the blogs. Some I could catch up on since they were on blog rolls. I finally had to just do some blogs that way. I didn’t realise how far behind I got on the rest. That’s a pretty beige. I like the finish on it. I don’t mind the streaks on a light color. It’s not as noticeable as it would be on a vampy shade. Did you Mom like it?

  2. Uuu, vsak dan nov updejt! :)
    Tega sem gledala, ampak glede na to da imam novega od Essence… ga niti ne potrebujem. Je pa kar lustkan, dovolj za kaksen priblizno nude look.

  3. Insider je bolj rjavkasto mareličen, medtem ko Moonlight večino časa izgleda bež sivkast.

    Res je uporaben. Komaj čakam velike plate, da sprobam čez all over vzorce. :nails:


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