Claire’s haul

A few days ago I went to Austria and of course I had to visit Claire’s store. I didn’t leave empty handed. I bought six nail polishes.

Claire's haulThe nail files were for free.

The two green ones on the left, aren’t dupes.

Claire's haulAnd a funny “behind the scenes” picture …

Claire's haulThis ultra short post is all I have for you at the moment. Have a nice day!

9 thoughts on “Claire’s haul”

    • OMG, my polish twin found me!!! Hehehe… Great haul, Roze! I would have bought the same polishes as you did, if I would have found them. The glitters look amazing!

  1. hmmmm… :think:  the claire’s polish that we have here has different bottle from urs… are they jelly or creams? i  like the teal one (L-R) the 4th polish..buwahahahahaha

    • Claire’s is funny. We discussed about the different bottles at Nihrida’s blog once. Polishes shown in the picture are mostly cremes and the two on the right are sheer polishes. The purple one is pink and purple gliter in sheer purple jelly base. Yes, the teal one is fantastic!

  2. Ribica, mene tudi ne, dokler nisem ugotovila, da imajo lake. Trgovina je katastrofa. Sami kič od tal do stropa. In nič prostora. Ampak imajo lepo izbiro lakov. :nails:


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