World AIDS day

My today’s manicure is a tribute to World AIDS day. I drew a little red ribbon on one of my nails …

World AIDS DayPrecision – Twinkle Toes (2 coats)
b.pretty – Phantom (2 coats) + Essie – Matte About You
OPI – An Affair In Red Square

World AIDS DayWorld AIDS DayI wanted some sparkles on my nails because of all the Christmas feelings I’m slowly getting these days. That’s why I picked my favourite red polish Precision – Twinkle Toes. I just love Twinkle Toes!

What’s on your nails today?

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17 thoughts on “World AIDS day”

  1. my mistake :stars: oh yeh  nyx las vegas not jungle.. :stars: LOL.. :haha: i already read that post :biggrin:
    btw i love :wub: the smileys… :haha: :biggrin: i wish my comment form has a smileys too..LOL :haha:

  2. I bought Twinkle Toes from eBay.

    I don’t have NYX Jungle to compare. I did a comparison Emerald Sparkle vs. NYX Las Vegas HERE. All Access is not close, because it doesn’t have glitter. I hope I’ll find some time and do a comparison. ;)

  3. ohh… where do u bought this twinkle toes polish? :think: oh girl… i dont have cg emerald sparkle. :ermm: . its my ultimate lemming… can u make a comparison with essence all access, nyx jungle, and CH emerald Sparkle?weeeeeeeeee….. :stars:

  4. :biggrin: I’m totally with you, thriszha. I absolutely LOOOVE Twinkle Toes and it’s even better IRL! I don’t think that it has a green brother. I can only think of ChG’s Emerald Sparkle right now. And thank you for your comment! :rose:

  5. ohh… thats pretty gorgeous.. oh girl im inlove with ur Precision – Twinkle Toes too!! :wub: does this polish have a green version of this? the polish looks like a composition of micro glitters.. this i wow!!!  oh Maestra u have a great polish collection.. im so envy with u… :drop:


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