p2: Spacy and So Cool!

I’m currently testing p2 polishes Lucy bought me in Germany. I must say right now they’re one off my favorite polish brands.

One of the first shades I just had to try on was Spacy.

p2 - Spacy
2 layers

All of the p2 polishes carry number and name. Spacy is no. 209. Dark gray base with lots and lots of silver and blue shimmer. What’s not to like?

So Cool! (no. 250) is playful opposite to elegant Spacy.

p2 - So_Cool!
2 layers

Very interesting turquoise shade, but green tones were impossible to photograph. I suspect main reason for that is blue base, while green only comes from shimmer. In real life this polish looks either turquoise or little bit more green than blue, I never saw it completely blue. As you could see in one of the older posts, it’s good for Konad too.

Both shades are easy to apply, but you do have to be quick about it, since they dry pretty fast.

Which off the two is your favorite?

This post is also available in SLOVENŠČINA.

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