EOTD for Mylanqolia

Our lovely reader Mylanqolia reminded me, that I’ve been ignoring make up recently. She commented:

By the way, I’d love to see more eye make ups again as I’m more into eyeshadow powder, which make me feel high.

Here it is, dear Mylanqolia, I went through my archive and found some unpublished photos of a make up I did way back in November 2009.

Make Up 25. 09. 2009
Make Up 25. 09. 2009Nothing special, I know. Just a soft everyday lilac and gray combination with some brown and turquoise eyeliner. I can’t remember which products I used for this make up.

But I’ve already made some new make up photos, which are ready to be edited and published. So, stay tuned …

14 thoughts on “EOTD for Mylanqolia”

  1. Thanks, sweetie! And don’t worry, it’s ok. I admit that I’ve chosen a complicated nick name but it’s caused by my preference for difficult puns riddles (yeah, I’m a nerd). :-) Anyways, I’m looking forward to your next eye make up! I’m sure that it’ll look brilliant in combination with your eye colour.:wub:  Hugs and some snow (it snowed again) from Germany!

  2. OMG, I’m soooo sorry for that mistake I made. I guess I read it wrong the first time and than didn’t even bother to check twice. But that’s not completely true, cos I checked twice, but I guess I’ll have to get my eyes tested. And even when I read your explanation I had to double check what I did wrong. :unsure: SORRY!!! I’ll make it up to you with another MU, OK? :blush:

    Thank you for the compliment! :rose:

  3. Thanks so much!!! The colour combo is stunning though it might be easy applied! Evil angel is absolutely right: Your eye colour is gorgeous. Btw, my nick name has any connections to the Mongols. ;-) It’s MylanQolia (which is an alternation of the word melancholia) due to my surname, which starts with a Q. ;-) But believe me, I’m not angry. The version with the g  just sounds damn funny.:haha:  


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