Krackpolish – Hunter Green

Nati spotted Krackpolish in my “Waiting to be tried out” box. It’s one of her huge lemmings so I layered it over 4 different base polishes just for her.

From left to right: Essence Gothic Girl, China Glaze Adore, China Glaze 2030, Golden Rose 242 and lying down Krackpolish Hunter Green.

I applied base polishes in the same orders as above and then layered them with Krackpolish.

First time I tried out Krackpolish I had green color all over me … except on my nails. After experimenting a little bit I came with my list of DO’s and DON’Ts:

  • polish cracks best if I apply it over “smooth” polish (no ridges);
  • if put over chrome polish it will quickly rub down or crumble off;
  • worst base are creme polishes (you know those tacky ones);
  • thicker is the layer of Krackpolish, less cracks you get;
  • base polish must be dry before applying Krackpolish;
  • Krackpolish must be completely dry before using top coat (and top coat is a must if you wish to have pretty manicure longer that until first time you wash you hands)
  • even if K. is dry it can still smudge if we used very smooth polish for base (think China Glaze Khrome collection).

I assume original bases work better with Krackpolishes, but I’m not crazy about this polish, so I won’t be testing them. I like Konad cracked images better. :D

Removing this polish was also a battle – I had to use acetone to get rid of the green color.

I ordered Krackpolish on TransDesign.

31 thoughts on “Krackpolish – Hunter Green”

  1. As interesting and fun as I think this polish is for some reason cracked polish kind of freaks me out. Must be one of my many OCD issues!

  2. I think the effect is really interesting!! I like it the most with the biggest contrast in colors but you’re right – if it’s a pain then konad is a good alternative. I’ll probably get one though :whistle:  .

  3. weeeeeeeeeeeee……….. i have a polish like this.. and i love the color combi of gold and white… hehehhee… u’re right theyre too difficult to remove.. i tried to wrap them in a cotton with acetone and foil..they’re triple harder to remove than glitters… :stars:

  4. hočeeeeeem hočem hoččččem :w00t: :stars: :w00t: gejba, ful sem si želela tole videt, ampak nisem pričakovala niti približno tako norega učinka!
    debeeeest! kazalec je najboljši! me spominja na Jurassic park :silly:

  5. čez 2030 super zgleda :wub: jaz imam belega (tudi iz TD) pa sem ga samo sprobala :blush: sem ga pa enkrat nalakirala na 1 dan staro manikuro in se je sproti ko se je sušil in pokal tudi lupil :angry: tako, da preveč suh lak ne sme biti :biggrin:
    čopič pri mojem je pa zgodba zase :roll:


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