The chosen Essie manicure

Do you remember, that I asked you for your help a while ago? When my creativity had left me, I asked you to send me your ideas for an Essie manicure, which will include Lolipop, Rock Candy and Mint Candy Apple polishes. I received a lot of wonderful ideas and suggestions. Thank you for your help, ladies! The decision was not easy. But finally Darksome‘s idea won. She suggested a Lollipop manicure. And I thought it was a playful and a funny idea and above all, it suits perfectly with the names of the shades.

Darksome, congratulations!

This is what I came up with …

I’m not proud of the end result. I’ll definitely use this idea at least one more time, but probably with some bolder colors.

Darskome will receive a set of mini polishes contributed by Čarodejka.

Thank you, Čarodejka!

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14 thoughts on “The chosen Essie manicure”

  1. Aaaa čisto noro! :w00t:  Najlepša hvala punce, zahvaljujem se seveda tudi Parokeetkam (sploh Maestri) in Čarodejki  :))  nastala pa je še lepša manikura, kot sem si jo predstavljala, enostavno čudovita je :wub: sploh detajlčki- prelivanje med belo in rdečo barvo ter modra zvezdica :silly:


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