Ruffian in blue

I know there were a lot of Ruffian manicures seen lately on the nail polish blogs, but it’s such a classy and quite easy to do manicure. I’ve already shown you one in purple and black . Remember? Here’s is the picture again …

Today I have another Ruffian manicure for you, but this time in blue.

For the base I used two coats of creme neon blue Color Club – Chelsea Girl from their Poptastic collection.

Under the blacklight …


On top I added one coat of Essie‘s Midnight Cami, which is a very dark shimmery blue. Gejba already showed you Midnight Cami HERE.


And just to see how it would look like, I added one coat of Nfu. Oh – 53.

I don’t know … What do you think?

And a bonus photo … well … from me … LOL

19 thoughts on “Ruffian in blue”

  1. Krasno! In to tako, da sem si zaželela CC in Essie lakec  :w00t: , mi je pa brez Nfu-Oh malo bolj všeč :blush:  , ker izgleda tako edgy  :thumb:

  2. Tale je pa taka pisana :) Kar luštno čeprav mi je že kar malo preveč pisano :) Je pa sigurno prav poletna :)

  3. I think the black and blue combination is GORGEOUS! Also, I believe that is actually Nfu-Oh #53… #52 looks navy with green flakes :) I’m not a huge fan of #53 because I don’t like the red in it, but I still think it looks pretty on your Ruffian manicure!

    • I just checked and it’s indeed Nfu Oh #53. Sorry, for the mistake! And thank you for mentioning it! :rose: I’ll update the post right away.

      Thank you for the compliment! :rose:

    • Thank you very much! Well, yes, it is different, that’s why I wasn’t sure, if it’s good or bad. LOL I just checked and subscribed to your blog. You have gorgeous nails. ;)


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