Catrice Poison Me, Poison You!

Couple of day ago I read on one of the Croatian forums, that new Catrice polishes are now available in their drugstores. What new Catrice polishes? Of course I had to check it out right away.

I lost my breath when I opened Catrice web page! I had to have three polishes and 2/3rd of them ended on my wish list.

Mamy, her son and hubby were my angels that arranged for me to get the polishes the next day.

Poison Me, Poison You! looked gorgeous on their website and I was not disappointed when I saw it  real life. But it did look like suspiciously similar to one of my polishes … China Glaze Let’s Groove. I had to compare them right away.

Catrice Poison Me, Poison You!, China Glaze - Let's Groove swatch and comparison
sun - 2 layers

Polishes are almost identical. Let’s Groove (middle finger) has little bit cooler toned base and more warm shimmer, but the end result is the same.

Catrice Poison Me, Poison You!, China Glaze - Let's Groove swatch and comparison
Catrice Poison Me, Poison You!, China Glaze - Let's Groove swatch and comparisonCatrice Poison Me, Poison You!, China Glaze - Let's Groove swatch and comparison
artificial light

Color description is the same one for both of the polishes – eggplant color little bit on the cooler side with blue and scarlet shimmer.

Formulas are however quite different. For me China Claze comes out as a winner. Catrice is more thick and sticky polish, so I had to use thicker layers that I tend to avoid because it often causes polishes to “bubble”.

I love new Catrice flat brushes. They’re almost perfect and I think application will be piece of cake … with other shades that is.

Catrice Poison Me, Poison You! bottle, brush

I was very impressed with new nail polish color pallet and I applaud to the idea to include dupes for hard to find polishes. On of the most obvious examples is Sold Out For Ever – which is supposedly almost dupe for Chanel Jade polish.

These are not my polishes, but I had to show you these beauties.

Catrice: From Dusk To Dawn (200), Lost In Mud (220), Sold Out For Ever (240), I Sea You! (250)
Catrice: Lost In Mud (220), From Dusk To Dawn (200), I Sea You! (250), Sold Out For Ever (240)

Which of the new shades is your lemming?

Edit: Price for 10ml bottle is 2,5 EUR (3.3 USD=2.2 GBP). In our part of the Europe you can buy them in Kozmo stores in Croatia or drugstores (Muller?) in Austria and Germany.

28 thoughts on “Catrice Poison Me, Poison You!”

  1. Oh, my! So gorgeous. All of them. I’m not familiar with this brand. But the dearest Daph and I have made a swap, and I think there’s a Catrice or two in the package. Can’t wait!!! :w00t:

  2. Okusi so različni, tako da mene Poison Me, Poison You ni prepričal. Prav kmalu vam bom predstavila moj izbor.  Cena v Kozmo drogeriji je 17,90 HRK ali 2,49€.
    Hvala, Gejba! :wink:
    Tastes are different, so my “Poison Me, Poison You” did not convince me. Soon I will present my selection. The price in Kozmo drogerija (Croatia)  is 17,90HRK / 2,49€.
    Thanks Gejba! :wink:

  3. Oh, they are beauties. Sadly I´m not in Croatia (and will be in august :angry:), may I know how much are they?
    But thanks for comparison and I´m totally in love with From Dusk To Dawn (200) and  I Sea You! (250). :w00t:

  4. Ojojoj! Zdaj pa hočem tudi jaz kakšnega novega lepotca dobit :) Definitvno hočem Sold out Forever! Pa še kakšen bi se sigurno našel. Kje pa se jih da dobit? :wub:

    • Kot je že Mamy odgovorila, se jih na Hrvaškem dobi v Kozmo drogerijah, v Avstriji pa mislim, da se jih dobi v Mullerju, če se ne motim.

  5. The new colors look soooo pretty!! Thanks for the comparison, it seems that this new colors will provide quite a few close dupes!


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