Happy Easter!

By Mamy

I love Easter holidays. Lots of wonderful customs that pass from one generation to another.

Parokeets prepared couple of Easter manicures for you along with photographs of other tempting things.

Maestra’s playful chick:

Color Club Worth The Risque, Fake Konad m10, China Glaze Custom  Kicks, CND Eclectic Purple

Mamy’s Easter skittles manicure:

Velikonocna manikura

Gejba’s Easter skittles manicure with sponge and Fauxnad:

Easter manicure, velikonočna manikura

Too bad you can’t join us in Easter meal. We’re having nut potica (cake consisting of a sheet of pastry spread with a rich filling and rolled up), ham with horse radish and Easter eggs of course.

Velika noc


Velikonocne dobrote

Narcise, Daffodils

Easter is family holiday. It’s our custom to gather at home and eat Easter breakfast together. It’s wonderful feeling to sit down with your loved ones and  compare whose potica is better and who made prettiest Easter Egg.

Here are couple of goodies my mother and sister made. Thank you!

Cream potica, mljaaaask.

smetanova potica

Cream and nut potica.


velikonocne dobrote

Happy Easter dear readers!

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  1. Vse manikure so prav luštne! :) Najboljši pa so mi piščančki :) Zdaj bi pa tudi jaz potico …. mmmm…. :)


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