Look what I found in a 75 cent shop!

Haul: Fauxnad B29 and Bichun - 644
Fauxnad B29 and Bichun – 644

Although it’s called the 75 cent shop, these items weren’t 75 cents each. Actually they were 2€ each. But to find a Fauxnad (and a teal polish) in a store here it’s a miracle! There were four or five different Fauxnad plates. I bought only one, because I didn’t have more cash with me and they don’t take credit cards. I bet, I’ll go back very very soon …

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27 thoughts on “Look what I found in a 75 cent shop!”

  1. grozaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:stars: :stars: :sorry: :stars:  kaj se mi je zgodilo za babico sem šla kupit volno v 75 cent shop notri pa je bila vsa obgrizena in notri je bila mišja dlaka in crknjeni mladiči ko sem prinesla to domov je mojo babico skoraj kap to trgovino bi morali zapreti:w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: kupila sem tudi roza lak in neboste verjeli palec na nogi je postal čisto črn nevem kaj ta lak sploh vsebuje TO TRGOVINO MORA NUJNO OBISKAT INŠPEKCIJAA!!!!!!!!! Če gdo želi lahko pošljem tudi sliko palca na nogiii:stars: :sorry: :stars: :sorry:

  2. Uf waw! Še dobro da si malo pogledala v to trgovinico! Jaz jo bom tudi kmalu obiskala (prav zaradi tega posta ;)

  3. Cool! It’s so cool because you can find those stamp kits anywhere where you live, I don’t get why they don’t bring them to my country… :S

    • Me too. I can’t even remember when was the last time I went to such a store. But yesterday something out of this world drove me there. LOL No, I wanted to check that store for a long time, probably since I first read about Dollar Stores. I didn’t expect that I would actually find anything useful, but here you go… I found a little treasure. :nails:

      .-= Maestra´s last post … Look what I found in a 75 cent shop! =-.

  4. great finding!! in Manila we have this so called 88 store which most items are cost 88 pesos (2$) here in Abu Dhabi there’s daiso store which most of the items were 2$ each..LOL!!  does the polish name Bichun? its same bottle with guppy am i right?? :w00t: great findings!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. :party:


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