Swap package from Thriszha – part 2

I already showed you my insanely awesome swap package from Thriszha. You could see that it was a huge package and that it contained a lot of stuff, but you couldn’t see exactly what I got. That’s what I’m going to show you in this post. Are you ready for a major picture flood?

Here’s again a picture of everything that was in the package.

Swap package from ThriszhaIf I “zoom in” …

Two Nubar polishes: Hot Blue and Twilight Kiss.

Swap package from ThriszhaClaire’s five pack.

Swap package from ThriszhaAnother Claire’s five pack, three Konad plates and three fake Konad image plates.

Swap package from ThriszhaOne of the fake Konad image plates was the Mickey Mouse plate.

Swap package from Thriszha

I finally got my hands on Konad top coat. We’ll see how it works with Konad special polishes.

Swap package from ThriszhaThe glitter polish shown above is fantastic. It has tiny silver glitter and larger blue glitter. And the lavender on the right is also lovely.

Look at these lovely bottles! Do I see a silver holo there?

Swap package from Thriszha

Here comes the major blue, green and turquoise invasion.

Swap package from ThriszhaYes, I got my first Inglot polish too. It’s the shade 321 and I’ll show it to you soon.

Some random polishes and shades. The cool purple creme shade in the middle is Make Up Station – 45. It makes a good match with tiny purple glitter polish that’s pictured on the left.

Swap package from Thriszha

We’re almost done. The only nail related stuff I have yet to show you is fimo stuff. I got two wheel boxes of fimo stuff. One was filled with fimo fruit, which I forgot to take pictures of and another was cute fimo flowers.

Swap package from ThriszhaI’m so excited! Can’t wait to try everything!

Again …


7 thoughts on “Swap package from Thriszha – part 2”

  1. Maestra, samo eno miceno vprašanje bi imela – a za take pakete, ki jih dobiš od nekoga iz tujine za darilo, naši cariniki nič ne zaračunajo? Mislim tako na carino, kot na DDV in še kakšne druge morebitne zadeve. Prosim za info. :rose:

  2. hahaha.. U missed the part 3 (coraline & konad invasion) and coming soon for the part 4…LOL!!! im so happy to know that u like all the stuffs i send to u!!! im looking forward for the inglot polish swatches and what konadicure u’ll come up to..


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