Swatches and review: Essence – Into The Wild TE – nail polishes

Our Muller just got new Essence Into The Wild TE. I suppose I don’t have to tell which products I bought.

Essence - Into The Wild nail polishes
From L to D: Bongo Drums (04), Zulu (02), Desert Fox (01), Heart Chakra (03)

All of the Into The Wild polishes are without the shimmer. Three of them are creme and one is matte. Lighter shades are streaky, so application is not quick and easy. Zulu and Desert Fox are more pigmented and have way better formula.

Bongo Drums is dirty white shade with tricky undertone. The closest thing that comes to my mind is coffee with lots and lots of milk in it. OK – lets try it from other side – milk with few drops of coffee. :D

I used three layers and added the fourth one on the pinkie. Nail line is still visible.

Essence Into The Wild - Bongo Drums swatch
Essence Bongo Drums – shade

Heart Chakra is one of those shades that looks totally unconvincing on the shelf, but when you try it on …

It’s easier to apply than Bongo Drums. I used two layers. I expected chalky color but got soft pastel pink coral instead. I’m not complaining.    It can be more pink or more coral depending on the lighting you’re under at the time.

Essence Into The Wild - Heart Chakra swatch
Essence Heart Chakra – shade

The winner in this collection is definitely Zulu. Light gray shade with purplish undertone. I used two layers of polish and no base coat on my little finger … but it made no difference what so ever. The finish is the same whether you use base coat or not.

Essence Into The Wild - Zulu swatch

This shade is suppose to be matte. If anything, I would call it plastic-satin finish.

I used Essie Matte About You and Essie Good To Go so you can see comparison between matte, glossy and “Zulu” finish.

Essence Into The Wild - Zulu swatch
Essence Zulu: Essie MAY, top coat, no base

Darkest shade is called Desert Fox. This foxie is a must have for all the lovers of of gray toned brown polishes. I used two layers, but one would be enough.

Essence Into The Wild - Desert Fox swatch
Essence Desert Fox – shade

I paid 1,69 EUR for 10ml bottle of polish.

44 thoughts on “Swatches and review: Essence – Into The Wild TE – nail polishes”

  1. Naj vam povem kako sem bila presenečena ko sem zagledala še nekaj teh lakcov v DM-u :) Brez premisleka je z mano domov prišel Bongo Drums, ker je v živo res lepotec :) Tak da “dekline”, če si katera še želi Desert fox-a ali pa Bongota, jih še ima nekaj Mariborski DM, tisti zraven yellota ( na tržaški, polek mcdonalsa) :rose:

  2. Sem bila v mestnem DM ( Maribor) pa sploh nimajo kolekcije essence. Sicer sem jih zasledila v Qulandiji (ne te kolekcije, pa tudi crazy about color niso imeli), vendar je predaleč da bi šla tja, samo zaradi lakca. :idea:

  3. Ah, miller je ponovno izropan .. ima katera slučajno Heart Chakro pa se ji le ta ne dopade? :whistle: ga odkupim hihi :wub:

  4. Mene pa zanima, kako zelo (če sploh) sta si v sorodu Zulu in Chinchilly od Essie :undecided: . Slednjega nameravam namreč naročiti ta mesec (mogoče enostavneje, kot da lovim po vedno-izropanih stojalih od Essence).


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