Orly: Gumdrop and Snowcone from Sweet Collection and Mint Mojito

By Mamy

Gejba made my day yesterday.   I have lots of beautiful new p2 and H&M polishes, but Orly polishes went straight to my heart. You simply have to fall in love with this gentle shades of green and blue.

Another thing that makes this polishes special is that they’re the last ones from Trans Design.  No more shopping at TD …

Orly: Snowcone, Gumdrop, Mint Mojito, bottles
Orly: Snowcone – Gumdrop – Mint Mojito

They’re so pretty, I just couldn’t decide how to photograph them.

Orly: Gumdrop, Snowcone, Mint Mojito, bottles
Gumdrop – Snowcone – Mint Mojito, in the sun
Orly: Snowcone, Gumdrop, Mint Mojito, swatches bottles
Snowcone – Gumdrop – Mint Mojito, shadow

First two polishes Snowcone and Gumdrop are from Orly Spring 2010 Sweet Collection. You get mini lip glosses in the same color as polish. Mmmm, they smell nice.

Snowcone, pastel blue shade, thick and difficult to apply. Creme finish, three thin layers. Color is gorgeous.

Orly: Snowcone, swatch
Snowcone, shadow
Orly: Snowcone, swatch
Snowcone, in the sun

Gumdrop,is pastel mint shade. I used three layers, but two wold be enough if I didn’t have to correct couple of mistakes. This one also has very thick formula. Are all pastel shades this difficult to apply?  Maybe it’s the brush. It is not the kind you could lean on the nail, spread out a little and stroke.

But when I see the result – it was worth the effort.

Orly: Gumdrop, swatch
Gumdrop, three coats

Mint Mojito: if I spent too much time on previous two polishes, then this one was totally unproblematic. It’s quite sheer, but it looks perfect after three coats. This one also has creme finish and belongs to the group of polishes I can apply right before I leave the house and have no problems what so ever. 

Orly: Mint Mojito, swatch
Mint Mojito
Orly: Mint Mojito, swatch
Mint Mojito, in the sun

Mint Mojito shade belongs to the Orly Summer 2009 Tiki Time Collection.

How do you like them? I’m crazy about all of them. I wouldn’t mind if the first two would be easier to apply, but … There are couple of other nice shades in Sweet collection- pastel shades in colors fashionable for this spring.  If you can get to them – go for it! By by!

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  1. Najbolj mi je všeč na temni podlagi čeprav tudi na berry dobro izpade. Najmanj mi je všeč na mlečnem odtenku – mogoče bi se tukaj srebrne bleščice bolje obnesle. Imaš mogoče izkušnje tudi z Konad glitter gold Topcoat (tega se tudi pri nas dobi).  Malo sem skeptična glede tega tresenja teh lakov z bleščicami – verjetno se slej kot prej pojavijo mehurčki notri?


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