Why did Essence preview posts disappear?

Upon the request of Essence company we removed previews of two summer limited editions.

It seems to me that only German pages can post previews well before release date, and later on rest of the Europe can follow.

But pictures are their property, so they’re the only ones that can decide what will be published and when and where.

15 thoughts on “Why did Essence preview posts disappear?”

    • That question falls in the same category as this one: why are Essence products cheaper in USA? And the answer is the same – we’ll probably never know.

  1. That’s kinda….weird ? Essence LE promotion data and stuff are always so confusing to me, it’s very unclear where and if the LE’s will be sold, and sometimes they are over a month late (at least here in Belgium) :think:

  2. I’m soo unimpressed!
    I love Essence products and hate their distribution policies with a passion. That’s just another proof of how illogical these people can get  :bljak:

    • I tell my self that it’s their policy to make, whether I agree with it or not. Maybe they have good reasons for it or they’re just plain weird. :biggrin:


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